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Some of YOUR Favourite AIP Things – Most Popular Recipes from JFC

Some of your favourite AIP things
Tomato-Free Ragu Bolognese is both a real thing AND it tastes great!
Some of your most favourite AIP things
the top ten MOST popular recipes from me over the years. 

To date, at least.

Some of your favourite AIP things

There is something reassuring about knowing a recipe you’re about to try for the first time works because it is popular around the traps. This is especially true with AIP creations – because we are substituting and playing with – often expensive – ingredients.

Following on from my first ever (and well-loved in its own right) Some of My Favourite Things listicle from last year, where I shared 10 of my most favourite recipes from other AIP bloggers, these are the recipes you love the most from my site.

These recipes are all 100% AIP-friendly. And since they are the 10 most clicked recipes at JFC, I like to think that you find them bloody good.

Interestingly, while a couple of these babies feature in my personal favourite list, not all of them do. Perhaps there’s another listicle in the not too distant future?

No mucking about. We’re starting right at the top…
1. Immune Boosting Lemon, Ginger and Honey Gummies

Yep. The #1 most popular recipe at JFC.

I’m a bit of a gummy queen. Early in my AIP caper, I went through a phase of creating a new gummy number every week. I’ve since moved on but these babies really struck a chord. I suspect this is because they are a healthy sweet-ish treat at a time when your option can be limited.

2. Sugar-Free Cinnamon and Coconut Fat Bombs

I created these babies when I was on my very first sugar-free attempt. I was looking for something to nosh on that gave me a feeling of indulgence.

There has been some discussion over the years about the need to bake these. I like the toasty flavour, but that’s just me!

Immune Boosting Gummies
Immune Boosting Lemon, Ginger and Honey Gummies
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3. You Won’t Believe it’s Tomato-Free Ragu Bolognese

After over six years of living my AIP way of life, too many nightshades are definitely not my friend. And tomatoes, well – they really don’t like me despite my unswerving love for them!

The good things is that you can serve this bolognese number to all your AIP muggles-mates and they would never know it doesn’t contain tomatoes. David actually prefers this version to the one I used to make in my pre-AIP days.

AIP Liver Recipe Round Up
The GREAT AIP-Friendly Liver Recipe Round-Up
4. The GREAT AIP-Friendly Liver Recipe Round-Up

Arguably one of the most contentious foods in the nutrient-density stakes, so many AIPers struggle with adding more liver to their diets. As it happens, I’m not one of them but the popularity of this round-up proves just how far autoimmune peeps are prepared to go in the name of their health.

You might want to bookmark this baby. It’s got all the deets on how to get more liver (including by stealth) into your diet.

5. Turmeric Latte = My Adrenal Enhancing Coffee Alternative

In case you are not aware, I’m an absolute coffee fiend. I love the stuff. Despite this, during my nine months of elimination phase AIP, I managed to forgo my daily coffee without any slips. (<– I’m not sure how!)

Any-hoo. This was one of my experiments to find coffee alternatives during that time. It proved popular!

6. Tomato Passata Replacement

When I’m making Tomato-Free Ragu Bolognese, THIS is how I make it taste like the real deal. When I’m AIP-ising a standard recipe and it calls for tomatoes, THIS is how I make it work.

Here’s a tip – double down when you make this imitation passata. It freezes really well and comes in handy when you least expect it.

7. Fermented Garlic Paste – It’s Bloody Fabulous

This stuff totally rocks.

If you’re a garlic lover, I absolutely recommend you make this next time garlic is in season in your neck of the woods. It is such a boon on those nights that you want to whip up tasty meals – FAST. Grap a dollop of your homemade garlic paste and forgo all the pfaffing around with peeling and chopping from scratch. You’ve done the hard work!

And, it lasts for ages in your fridge.

8. Let’s Party! Chicken, Leek and Bacon Mini Pies

I’m a New Zealander who lives in Australia. Meat pies are in my blood. So, I was kind of proud of myself for this little creation. And, it seems they were a hit with more than just those from down under!

Do yourself a favour – make double the pie filling. It freezes well and tastes great with mash on those nights you can’t face cooking.

Fermentation Round Up
Fermented Garlic Paste
9. Essentials – Roasted Vegetables

Without question, this is the recipe I cook the most. Hands down. I make a humongous tray of roasted vegetables at least once every week. Often it’s more.

This, for me, is the very best way to get a wide variety of vegetables onto my plate without over complicating or overthinking. Better yet, drizzle over some green sauce for an extra hit of nutrient density.

10. The Easiest Brisket Recipe in the World

Until I started my AIP way of life, brisket was not something that I had ever eaten, let alone cooked. But then it seemed that everywhere I looked, Americans were talking about it. And, whadda’ you know – because it wasn’t a ‘thing’ in Australia, it was a very economical cut of beef.

And, because I’m the kind of AIPer who wants maximum flavour and nutrients without fuss, THIS is what happened. And, it still makes me smile that this SUPER easy little number is so damn tasty (and so damn popular, too!)

There you have it. The 10 most popular recipes at joanna frankham coaching.
I’d love to know if you have a favourite recipe?
Some of your favourite AIP things

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