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Sophie Digard & Her Creative Crochet


French designer Sophie Digard creates the most exquisitely detailed, hand-crocheted, heirloom-quality pieces – scarves, necklaces, brooches, bags, baby clothes and blankets – that have long been treasured by clients and collectors around the world. Her work is so very beautiful.

Seriously, she crochets like nobody I’ve ever seen before and uses the most labour-intensive techniques to create her intricate pieces from fine wool, mohair, velvet, and linen.

Close Up of Sophie Digard Merino Baby Blanket
Sophie Digard Merino Baby Blanket
(Available from Calico & Ivy)
Close up of Sophie Digard Linen Scarf 'Edelweis'
Sophie Digard Linen 'edelweiss' Scarf
(Available from Calico & Ivy)
Image of Sophie Digard 'Bobbles' Scarf
Sophie Digard Wool with Velour 'Bobbles' Scarf
(Available from Calico & Ivy)
Image of Sophie Digard Merino Necklace 'Tournesol'
Sophie Digard Merino 'Tournesol' Necklace
(Available from Calico & Ivy)
Image of Sophie Digard Linen Scarf
Sophie Digard Linen Scarf
(Available from Selvedge)
Image of Sophie Digard 'Alpaca' Brooch
Sophie Digard 'Alpaca' Brooch
(Available from Selvedge)

Sophie Digard designs are available from selected retailers.  In Sydney, you can find a few pieces at Calico & Ivy (with shops in Sydney and Perth). The very fabulous Selvedge Dry-goods store sells a good range online.

*It is because of the so very talented Sophie Digard that I have booked myself on a crash course in crochet (in May). I seem to be incapable of learning to knit. I’ll keep you posted on whether crochet is a better bet!

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Comments (29)

Lovely crochet work, my Mum used to make the most gorgeous things doing crochet, but unfortunately I am useless at crochet. 🙂

Me too, Mags BUT hopefully that is all about to change as I tackle crochet lessons!

That’s great, you never know you just may have what it takes, and find out you have a talent for it. 😀

I think you are very brave and a little crazy though I do miss my Nanna’s crochet coathangers. Cheers

I’ll keep you posted! (But don’t expect great things!) 🙂

OMG! these pieces are so delicately beautiful! My mother’s crochet was never like this! It makes me feel inspired to try crochet again – I had started learning about 3 years ago but gave up – knitting scarves was easier. (mind you that is all I can knit – scarves – I have not progressed to anything more difficult).
Good for you for booking into a course – it’s not at Sewing Emporium is it??

Hey C! No – it’s at Calico & Ivy in Balmain. Do you want to join me? I’ll let you know the details. X

Wow – best of luck with the knitting! Way to go for it! Can’t wait to see your works! 🙂

Hmmm – let’s not get too excited here, Ms Canada. I’m not known for picking these things up quickly! 🙂

I’ve got faith in you Miss J! All the way from here!

…I hope I can live up to your expectations! 🙂

Regardless of how you knit, you will not disappoint! 🙂

How cute is the Alpaca! cannot wait to see the TSL range of Crochet, I am sure they will be fab!

Ahhhh! The pressure! 🙂

This is really a lost art. Thanks for highlighting it!

Nice pieces. And now I have some new ideas for my next projects. I crochet more than I knit – I just can’t seem to get the rhythm for knitting yet, although I’ve completed a few pieces.

Excellent! Thanks for stopping by, M. Nice to see you 🙂

such artistry!!
happy sunday,

Cheers Janis – Glad you liked it! Sophie Digard is an amazingly talented woman.

Happy Monday from Sydney! 🙂

I read in a crochet magazine last month that Sophie Digard does not crochet. She designs these and women in Morocco make them, probably for pennies a day. I would not buy these because of that.

I came to know that Sophie Digard don’t do crochet. She creates the designs and send them to someone in Madagascar to crochet it. The information is from vogueKnitting’s special collections issue of Crochet.Anybody know who is doing the actual intricate work?

Hi Bindu – thanks for popping in! I knew that Sophie Digard has women in Madagascar working on her creations, but I don’t know any more than that. Sorry! 🙂

I am the official distributor of Sophie Digard creations in Australia and New Zealand and yes, I can confirm that Sophie works with ateliers of women in Madagascar to crochet her gorgeous creations. Malagasy women are well known for their amazing handiwork and there is no way Sophie could make them all her pieces herself – she sells to boutiques all over the world! If you require any more information, please contact me at

Another place to find Sophie Digard is at Ped. They’re selection seems sparse right now, but I’ve been there other times when they had lots of gorgeous scarves to choose from.

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