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Dealing with Overwhelm – Remember Space, Grace and Pace

Space Grace and Pace

Space Grace and Pace

What happens when you experience the inevitable overwhelm that hits (often when you least expect it) from dealing with a chronic disease coupled with navigating this wild AIP caper?

Enter the idea of giving yourself space, grace, and pace. It’s a useful little rhyming mnemonic to help you take a moment…

One of the very inspiring benefits of facilitating the #bloodyfabulous group of women who make up my AIP Mentorship crew is the discussions we share on different aspects of this AIP way of life we are all navigating.

We have members from Sweden, Spain, England, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Everbody’s story is unique, but we share a common goal: to live our best AIP way of life, in a manner that serves us.

And, the power of our mentorship community, comes from the mutual acceptance and support; the opportunity to share ups and downs; with fellow AIPers who get it.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.” ― e.e. cummings

When we are following a protocol like AIP, there can be a tendency to want to do it all at once. (That propensity for perfectionism ring any bells with you?) The thing to remind yourself is that this chronic illness you have has taken quite some time to manifest. Equally, it’s going to take time to heal, too.

And, don’t underestimate how your resistance to the diet and lifestyle changes required on a protocol like AIP may affect you at different times. Especially when you are dealing with the daze-inducing news of a (nother) medical diagnosis. There can be a whole cycle of conflicting emotions experienced when changes are imposed on you – even if it is by you!

So, one way for you to digest such change and give yourself breathing room is to allow yourself SPACE, GRACE and PACE…


Gift yourself both time and space to digest and process.


Set an intention for navigating your day with grace and ease (we have shortened this to GREASE in AIP Mentorship. It’s easier to remember and it helps us to inject a little humour into our day!)

  • Give yourself a break. Acknowledge you are changing your habits (and stories) that have built up over a lifetime. This takes effort
  • Ask for help. You are not meant to do this all alone.
  • Find your tribe. Get your support team in place.


Learn to pace yourself

  • Remind yourself just why this AIP caper is so important to you? Taking personal responsibility will help you stay the course.
  • Everybody stumbles. That just makes you human.
  • It is not the frequency of times you fall down that matters. It’s how often you pick yourself back up
  • Remember that your race won’t be the same as anybody else’s
  • You’re in this way of life for the long-haul. Be the tortoise, not the hare

If you’d like to join a like-minded and international online group of positive women who are navigating their AIP way of life together, check out AIP Mentorship. We’d love to see you!AIP Mentorship

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