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Spotlight on the Brussel Sprouts Umbrella…


Image of Brussel Sprouts Umbrella
(From here)

The very stylish Ms Dolly Decorator first introduced me to the Brussel Sprouts umbrella from London Undercover when she blogged about it back in February.

What can I say – it was love at first sight for me.  I’m a bit of a sucker for a funky brolly at the best of times, but this one took the cake. It had everything I look for in a brolly – style, functionality, sufficient quirk-factor to readily identify it as mine (when thrown in amongst a sea of black umbrellas).  I ordered one and it duly arrived a couple of weeks later, all the way from London-town.  I was a happy wee camper.

Then, last week my Vogue Living arrived in the post. Oh, happy day! Imagine my surprise when I spotted THIS on page 84…

Image of London Undercover Brussel Sprout Umbrella in VogueI would like it to go on record that (thanks in large part to the lovely Ms Dolly Decorator) I am, for once in my life, ahead of the Vogue Living stylist pack… Woohoo!

If you decide you would like one of these fabulous brollies, head on over to London Undercover and order one for £28.00 (+ postage to your wee corner of the world).

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Comments (21)

You were ahead of the curve!! I want one. They’re gorgeous!! Theadora (Imagine a matching boots.)

Ooooh – matching boots! ‘A study in sprouts‘! Like your style, Theadora. 🙂

No I don’t like this, I think the umberalla looks sort of neat, but I hate brussel sprouts. 😀

How about baked beans, Mags? There are more in the range!

Now I know what happened to all the brussell sprouts I did not eat as a kid… very funky 🙂

High praise from a high priestess of style…! 🙂

Hmm not sure I would go that far!!! but I do eat my brussels now!!!

The best way to consume brussel sprouts that I’ve ever seen and congratulations on being a leader in the fashion stakes!

You are so ahead of the times!

Very occasionally, WIM2S!

Only if it has lashings of butter and cracked pepper!

Honestly — I can still get one of these? This is just TOO awesome J! I love brussels sprouts and I think you know I need an umbrella…

I felt the same way when I saw this – just had to have one! Go for it! 🙂

LOL – what an eye-catching umbrella!

I think I’ll get one of these for hubby. He hates brussel sprouts 🙂

LOVE that idea! Will you post a pic of his expression when he opens it… please?

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