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Squint – the Willy Wonka of Furniture!

Good morning, starshine… the earth says hello! (Willy Wonka)

Since I brought up the ever so fabulous Abigail Ahern and her funky Atelier yesterday, it seems only fair that today you get a few happy snaps from our visit to Squint Limited.

I wrote about the eclectic and quirky world of Squint Limited back in February (here, if you’re interested). It has been a small dream of mine to go and visit ever since I discovered Lisa Whatmough’s colourful world of textile-centric home-wares.

For me, it was like visiting the Willy Wonka factory of bespoke furniture and I was just like Charlie with his golden ticket. The joy of all that colour is so infectious – the hardest part is working out which piece is your favourite. Especially when LM suggested I should pick something out for my birthday!!! Definitely a golden ticket day for this girl!

Squint Limited - Side Table
Squint Limited – Bedside Side Table & matching Stag Lamp
Two-tone cobalt blue velvet
(Image by TSL)
Squint Limited - Marble Lamp
Squint Limited – Marble Lamp & Bespoke Lampshade
Hand made in the UK using a dry marble process and part of the new lighting collection. I know not what he is called, but he weighs a tonne!
(Image by TSL)
Squint Limited - Mirror & Wallpaper
Squint Limited – Mirror & Wallpaper
I think this may be the Carved Crown Mirror (but then again, maybe not), beside some of the recently launched Squint Limited ‘Flowers’ Wallpaper
(Image by TSL)
Squint Limited - Sofa
Squint Limited – the Chesterfield
How gorgeous is this sofa?
(Image by TSL)
Squint Limited - Table & Desk Lamps
Squint Limited – Table & Desk Lamps
I fell in love with these two-tone velvet covered pieces
(Image by TSL)
Squint Limited - Mirror, Chest of Drawers AND another Mirror!
Squint Limited – Mirror, Chest of Drawers, Two Lamps AND another Mirror!
THAT rusty orange two-tone velvet…. sigh
(Image by TSL)
Squint Limited - The Curved Sofa & Alphabet Cushions
Squint Limited – The Curved Sofa & Alphabet Cushions
Not all Squint furniture is a riot of colour,. This sofa sets off the Alphabet Cushions beautifully…
(Image by TSL)

Which one is your favourite?

The very lovely Catherine took great care of me as I tried to make a decision on just which piece I should choose – and, then just to confuse me even further, there was the process of choosing fabrics. I had to go away for a day to think about it! I’ll take some happy snaps when my birthday present arrives.

Squint Limited can be found online, but it really is not the same. Go and visit if you are in London – Squint Limited Shoreditch, 178 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU or Squint Limited South Kensington, 1 North Terrace, London SW3 2BA (Just around the corner from the V & A).

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Comments (14)

Love that sofa! Cannot wait to see what you chose!

As much as I would have loved a sofa, BCD – can you imagine the shipping costs?

good point, you could have tried to take it in hand luggage 🙂

It is simply amazing to walk through this place!

Truly! I was like a kid in a candy shop – I didn’t know where to look!

Yes exactly that kind of feeling, however it is very impressive the high finishing quality of the pieces…

I can’t wait to see what you picked! I hope it arrives quickly!

I can tell you that it’s orange and will probably arrive before Christmas…

I just love the blue velvet bedside table – fun!!

Isn’t that the most fab’ colour, Marina?

You find the coolest things! The chest of drawers with matching mirror and lamps is awesome 🙂

Aren’t they fab’? I’m happy you like them, too, 2BD! 🙂

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