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Stonewater Makes it by Faking it…

'Fake Shaker' Chair by Jaebeom Jeong for Stonewater
‘Fake Shaker’ Chair by Jaebeom Jeong for Stonewater
(Image © Stonewater)

How cool are these DIY ‘Fake Shaker’ chairs by Korean designer, Jaebeom Jeong for Stonewater? They come as an individual assembly kit that, when complete, is shaped like an original Shaker chair, only these chairs consist of various pieces of wood randomly selected – walnut, beech, rose and ash, with either a natural canvas or hemp seat. Each piece of the kit is carefully handcrafted for easy assembly and durability applying a traditional joint technique. Customers can complete their own Shaker chair by using different combinations of various pieces. I think it’s fantastic!

'Fake Shaker' by Stomewater at 'An Urban Farmer's Atelier' exhibition
‘Fake Shaker’ by Stonewater at ‘An Urban Farmer’s Atelier’ exhibition
(Image © Stonewater)
'Fake Shakers' by Stomewater at 'An Urban Farmer's Atelier' exhibition
‘Fake Shakers’ by Stonewater at ‘An Urban Farmer’s Atelier’ exhibition
(Image © Stonewater)

Jaebeom Jeong was inspired to create his ‘Fake Shakers’ with the recent growth in urban farming and the renewed interest in producing safe and healthy foods. The urban farmer’s self-sufficient life-style reminded him of the original Shaker community.

The Shakers were one of a few religious groups that formed in eighteenth-century England. Their community was totally self-sufficient in both food and goods production, in line with their religious beliefs. They created pieces of furniture that were simple in beauty but highly durable.

I love the modern twist Jaebeom Jeong has given this design classic.

If you’d like to learn more about Stonewater’s designs, you can access their site here.

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Comments (4)

Love them such a cool idea! Totally agree that this should find itself as a design classic! Great find 🙂

Glad you like them , BCD. I think they are so simple and yet so clever. Lovely quirk factor that appeals…

SO glad you’re back, my travelling blog bud’

These are great, TSL. And I still get a giggle out of a religious group called the Shakers. Like The Seekers or The Beatles. But I do love their sustainability philosophy – probably even more relevant now than then! 🙂

Totally with you on the Shakers and their name, Sparks. There is something about their design aesthetic, though. Simple can be beautiful.

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