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5 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Everyone Else’s Highlight Reel

Stop Comparing Yourself
I know this is easier said than done, but here are my top tips...
Stop comparing yourself!
Today I want to talk about how you can stop comparing yourself to other people…

This is been one of the BIG lessons for me in my AIP caper.

I had a birthday in October. It was a small ‘b’ birthday (there were no zeros!)

It’s probably why I’ve been talking a bit about getting older, and how I’m happier in my skin now than I was ten years ago, of late.

I’m not really one to obsess over my age, but time has an alarming habit of marching on, doesn’t it?

So, when I stumbled across this quote, it was like the universe was telling me to explore this idea of getting more comfortable with myself (and you with yourself) a little more…

Stop Comparing Yourself

I want to talk about this idea specifically as it relates to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

We know that this AIP caper is a big, hairy beast of a thing.

It takes work. LOTS of consistent and dedicated work.

More, it takes work at a time when our health is compromised and our energy levels are unquestionably below par.

And, when we are vulnerable, it is even easier to slip into patterns of comparing ourselves with others in the AIP community (and further afield)

…and to find ourselves lacking


Sometimes, it can be good to consciously press the ‘pause’ button and reframe; to remind ourself that people are very good at showing us their highlight reels…

But, how do we go about reframing?

The way I do it is by looking inwards.

I have a series of rituals and stress management tools that are part of my ‘AIP baseline’. They help me to stay focused on why I am making theses diet and lifestyle choices.

1. Know your values (and check in with them regularly)

Have you identified your personal values?

The very best thing about understanding your personal values is that they provide you with your very own road map with which to navigate your way through life. There’s a bit of work required to work out what really matters to you, but once you’ve nailed that, it’s a remarkably useful list.

2. Set regular personal health goals

This AIP caper is a beast, isn’t it? At times, it can seem overwhelming.

Ultimately, the AIP template is all about taking personal responsibility for ourselves; and, that includes our health. Regular AIP Reset participants are very familiar with the way that I ensure that I achieve this – I’m a big fan of setting personal goals, especially in relation to AIP.

Every month, I look at my personal health caper and identify 3 aspects of the protocol that I want to work on. This month, Operation Lymphatic System was part of that process. I already know that upping the number of fish and shell-fish-based meals will be a goal for next month.

I encourage you to start getting in the habit of regular personal goals.

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3. Keep a food and mood journal

Arguably the most important tool in my health toolbox is my food and mood journal.

Tracking my progress daily in my journal allows me to monitor what’s working and what’s not. It keeps me honest and it is a really good way for me to see just how far I’ve come, too (the perfect antidote to other people’s highlight reels!)

4. Take a regular social media hiatus and regularly audit your social media feeds

How often do you switch off your social media feeds – even for a day?

One of the best ways for you to stop comparing your healing caper everyone else’s is to look up from your screens and engage with the world.

Can you make a commitment to yourself that you’ll do this? I guarantee you’ll thank yourself!

I like following people who make me think, who educate me, who make me smile, who challenge me constructively. And, when they stop doing this, I ‘unfollow’ them.

It’s my feed. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone.

And, I make a point to audit my social media feeds regularly.

5. Create a morning ritual

One of the most transformative additions to my healing caper has been developing my morning ritual (and I’m such a fan that I even created a SPEEDY 3-Minute Morning Ritual for non-believers!)

The thing about a morning ritual is that it’s ALL about you. It’s about creating an intentional and meaningful set of actions that you do for yourself first thing, to set yourself up for the day. And, it works.

Because nobody cares more about your health than you do.
Stop Comparing Yourself

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Comments (2)

Wow Jo, I love the quotes you find and share. This one is the gem of gems !! It is so true we only see the highlights of the end product not the behind the scene struggles. Thank you?

I think its my favourite thing about the AIP framework, Gita – it gives us the clear parameters to set a very personal course. Sometimes it can be helpful to remember each of us will follow a different path…

… the great news is that it also means new friendships with AWESOME people!

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