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‘Street Seats’ by Bade Stageberg Cox Rock!

An Image of 2 Street Seats in DUMBO, New York
Street Seats in DUMBO
(Image sourced from Bade Stageberg Cox)

How cool is this? ‘Street Seats’ is a furniture project developed by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Pier 94 Coffee Bar at The Armory Show, a leading contemporary and modern art fair in New York which takes place every March on Piers 92 & 94 in central Manhattan.

The 50 chairs, all found abandoned on the streets of New York, were repaired and given a new lease on life with a coat of taxi cab yellow paint. Like the city’s residents, the chairs are an eclectic mix. They migrated throughout the fair during its five-day run. The bottom of each chair is stamped and documented with the date and location it was recovered.

I just love both the idea AND the bright sunshine colour they chose:

Image of Street Seats #34 'Ice Chair'
#34 The Ice Chair
Found 17 February 2012 at Paul’s Pond, Upstate New York (SOLD)
(Image sourced from Bade Stageberg Cox)

Sadly, the Ice Chair has already sold. I can see this one on a porch looking out onto the street somewhere in Upstate New York…

Image of Street Seats #8 'River Chair'
#8 The River Chair
Found 3 February 2012, East River near Adams and John Street, DUMBO
(Image sourced from Bade Stageberg Cox)
Image of Street Seats #17 The Walnut Chair
#17 The Walnut Chair
Found 14 February 2012, Columbia Heights and Pineapple Street, Brooklyn Heights
(Image sourced from Bade Stageberg Cox)

I can imagine the Walnut Chair with a fab’ cushion in some crazy print…

Image of Street Seats #1 Jimi Chair
#1 The Jimi Chair
Found 15 December 2011, Front Street, DUMBO
(Image sourced from Bade Stageberg Cox)

Unless already sold, all chairs are available for purchase. There are lots more to see on the Bade Stageberg Cox website here. If you are interested in purchasing, contact Bade Stageberg Cox at

Which one would you choose?

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Comments (28)

What a great idea and initiative. Onward with the up cycle!!! I am with you I think you need to invest income while print cushions and that would finish them off perfectly.

It’s inorganic rubbish collection time in my wee neck of Sydney, BCD. Perhaps I should go for a scavenge…? 🙂

You have to be quick though, every time there is a collection on our street the men in white vans seem to swipe it faster than you can put it out! One of my friends even had them taking something from his hands that he was using to carry the junk out in…. 🙂

BCD – just home after being out and about and THERE WAS SOMEONE PARKED IN OUR DRIVEWAY SCAVENGING THROUGH INORGANIC RUBBISH ON THE STREET. You, my friend, are prescient! 🙂

Ah you see first I picked the horses!! and now I know about the pickers!!! (I promise it was not me… you had better get out there fast!!!!)

did you see “current affair” (I want to point out it was on in the background while i was cooking dinner!) this evening”?? they had a whole section on scavenging peoples rubbish……. you have started something TSL

Yeah, yeah – you and Tracey Grimshaw are besties. I know…!


What a fantastic idea!! I love the top shot. I’m dig the chair on the left. The “River Chair” also caught my eye. If only they could talk! Theadora

I liked the top shot, too T. That yellow against the skyline in DUMBO is just fab’, isn’t it?

J’adore!!! I’m with Theadora – I love the first shot – the combo of those two chairs is very appealing….I could pull up a seat with a friend and a glass of wine right there…fantastic! 🙂

I can be there is, say (ummm) about 20 hours, Shira. I’ll bring the wine! 🙂

Loving the new Shira-In-The-Hood pic!

Sounds great J! Glad you like the pic – feeling a little ‘in the hood’ these days…it’s officially chill time! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kind of like what we would do in those chairs…

Could be a touch dangerous. Imagine the trouble we could get up to, SITH (That’s the abbreviated version of Shira-In-The-Hood. Not bad, huh?) 🙂

Let’s start the same for Sydney – I’ve got a great collection going already, waiting for inspiration – now I’ve found it. Thankyou TSL!

What colour should we choose, Chairy Godmother? Rubbish-bin Red? Bondi Beach Blue? Rozella Green?

I absolutely adore this idea. We must try that here in San Antonio!

Isn’t it fab’? I felt the same way. Just genius. 🙂

Reblogged this on Leumesin Design Blog and commented:
This is fantastic! Love the colour, the idea, the location!

Woohoo! Cheers for the Chair Cheer Ellen! 🙂

Oh my – I LOVE THESE! I would love to have this in our apartment. . . I am not the greatest opera lover out there – mostly because I haven’t been submitted to a lot of it – I have been to one opera – and it was absolutely amazing. So it is on my list to get myself to more of them.

Love the splash of lemon!

Ms Syders! That first shot is fantastic – I heart DUMBO! And I like the chair on the right – reminds me of what we had in our old house in Chatswood in the good ‘ol 80s. The yellow is genius! Love that colour. My pick would be the adirondacks/ice chair.

Hey M – I love that first shot, too AND completely agree that the colour is fab’. So glad you enjoyed the chairs. 🙂

The wonderful thing about blogging is that you have access to the most amazing things all over the world. I don’t suppose I’ll ever visit Sydney but I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy learning about it with you.
I’m here because we were both nominated by Two Black Dogs for the Kreativ Blog award and she was right, this is a goodie. Love your framed opera for your beloved and the paper birds.

Hi Jo – thanks for coming in to say howdy! There must be something about being called Jo and the use of ‘Chateau’ theme in WP! It shows great taste, I reckon’!

Why will you never make it to Sydney? Come on down!!! 🙂

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