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Sugar-free Cinnamon and Coconut Fat Bombs (AIP/Paleo/Keto)

Sugar Free Fat Bombs

Sugar-Free Cinnamon and Coconut Fat Bombs

As I write this post, it is day 1 of my new sugar-free autoimmune protocol regime. I know – it’s been a whole week since my post when I told you all about it, but I’ve been waiting for all my medication and supplements to arrive (not to mention getting my head around the fact that my poor wee gut is so unhealthy despite all my hard work).

And then, all of a sudden it was Friday and almost the weekend, so when LM said “Why not start the sugar-free bit on Monday”, it was an easy yes…

So here I am. And, let me tell you…

This sugar-free Autoimmune Protocol gig ain’t easy!

And I’m only on the first day!

According to the ‘standard’ AIP guidelines, any sugar consumption should be limited to less than 20g of fructose per day. That works out at about a couple of pieces of fruit.

I don’t think I realised just how much sugar I was having every day – and, I was already on a pretty restrictive diet! But when you have to cut all fruit out of your diet, on top of any honey and dates and maple syrup and any other sweet something you may have been sneaking in, and your health is on the line if you cheat, well – it soon becomes clear that life just got a whole lot less fun in the eating department.

No more dairy-free ice cream. My pulled pork recipe is back to the drawing board now that I can no longer use a little maple syrup for flavour. No Orange Macaroon Balls in this girl’s immediate future. And, no more dark chocolate which had so successfully been reintroduced…

Given – on day 1, mind you – I was already wondering how to cope with a strict month of living on what amounts to meat, fish, bone broth, fat and vegetables, it will hardly come as a surprise that I got into the kitchen for some experimenting.

Desperation is a great motivator!

Sugar Free Cinnamon and Coconut Fat Bombs

And, what I came up with won’t change the world. It possibly won’t even appeal to the many, many sugar-eating peeps out there in the real world. But – when sugar-eaten-in-moderation LM happily troughs a couple down after walking in the door, you know its not a bad first experiment…

So, without further ado, I give you my first 100% guaranteed sugar-free snack recipe. The secret here is the spices. They are pretty good at tricking your wee brain into thinking it’s having sugar.

I made two versions of these – cinnamon and ginger. Cinnamon trumped ginger. So that’s what you’re getting.

Sugar-free Cinnamon and Coconut Fat Bombs (AIP Friendly)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This recipe is 100% Autoimmune Protocol friendly
Makes 15 - 20 bombs!
Recipe type: Sweets
Serves: 20
  • 1 cup coconut butter*
  • 1 cup desiccated (finely shredded) coconut
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 - 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 Tablespoon water
  1. Heat your oven to 180°C /360°F. Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Mix all the ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl.
  3. Form balls of the mixture and place onto your baking tray. I use my Tablespoon as a measure.
  4. Pop in the oven for 10 - 12 minutes (until they start to turn golden). The smell will be incredible!
  5. Let your fat bombs cool on the tray - they will firm up.
*If your coconut butter is rock hard, let it sit in a bowl of hot water until it softens. Stir thouroughly to combine flesh and oil before measuring. If your butter is too soft, place the fat bomb mixture into the fridge for 20 minutes to thicken up.


*It’s winter here in Sydney. My coconut butter was reasonably easy to work with. If your butter is rock hard, let it sit in a bowl of hot water until it softens. If your butter is too soft, place the fat bomb mixture into the fridge for 20 minutes to thicken up.

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This recipe features in the Phoenix Helix Recipe Roundtable.

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Comments (24)

I do not envy you – cutting back to that little sugar is hard! But at least it’s winter time, so most fruit is out of season, right? Those cinnamon fat bombs look absolutely delish. I never knew there were so many ways to use coconut butter.

Hey SoA – I keep telling myself, “It’s a journey”! And, bizarrely – blogging helps. 🙂

Mmmm, toasted coconut & cinnamon! I might try some with a touch of mace, too. I’ll be thinking of you as you level-up your AIP experiment. The only obvious sugar I’m eating is a moderate amount of berries, but I’m guessing I’m way more reliant on those than I’d like to think. Maybe it’s time…

…I’d give my left arm for some berries at the moment, Petra 🙂

I’ve been AIP for 96 days, not that I’m counting, lol. I’ve heard of fat bombs but I’m not sure what the goal is. Are they for those craving a treat, for those needing to get extra calories, or another reason? Please bear with my ignorance.

Hi Laura – at the time that I made these puppies, I was on a strictly sugar-free protocol. That meant no fruit, along with all the other sweeteners that are technically ‘AIP friendly’.
Frankly, I found that ‘sugar-free’ period far more challenging than the early stages of standard AIP. These gave me a sense of having a treat without the sugar hit.
Fat bombs are often seen on ketogenic protocols, too (I do not follow a ketogenic diet).
Does that help?
96 days is FANTASTIC!

What is dessicated coconut & where to buy?

Hi Jenny – Desiccated coconut is coconut meat which has been shredded or flaked and then dried to remove as much moisture as possible. It is unsweetened.

Finely shredded coconut can be substituted and can be found at a regular supermarket in the baking section.

Hope this helps!

haha, yes, I need a reset too, after a wonderful relaxing holiday break. I suspect sugar was the main culprit. SO this is just in time for me! Thanks Jo 🙂

So glad your break was relaxing!

WELCOME HOME! (and, we cam be sugar-free babes together!)

So I went to make these, started getting the ingredients together and then…. discovered I had no cinnamon powder. I toyed with the idea of putting the cinnamon quills into the thermie and blitzing them into a powder, or using cassia bark and going crunchy, but then decided that was just too much effort. So I looked in the fridge for an alternative, and voila! the tamarind paste just jumped out at me. So I used a tablespoon of tamarind puree and the juice of one lime. Yummmmm. I like the sweet and sour flavour of tamarind, but it might not be to everybody’s liking.

I LOVE the ingenuity! A new flavoured fat bomb a la Melanie!

Can I use Coconut oil or does it have to be butter?

Randa – coconut oil will not work for this recipe. If nuts or seeds are tolerated, you can exchange the coconut butter (or manna) for a nut or seed version.

These sounds gorgeous possum. I’m off the sugar too, taken me long enough to work out we don’t like one another (I’m talking about the sugar of course – not you 😉 )

Miss Kate – it sounds as though there’s another thing we have in common. Sugar definitely doesn’t like me, more’s the pity (because I quite like sugar!)

When I tried to make these, everything just melted in the oven? Anyone know why? 🙁

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Hi Keir – that is frustrating! I’m sorry that your fat bombs were flat bombs…

I wonder if the coconut butter was softened enough (and well mixed – the flesh separates from the oil when cool). If you had more oil than flesh, then this would have altered the consistency of the batter.

Why do you bake these? I see no reason to do that. I just put in frig for awhile and they harden. Delish>>>

One word, Geri – texture. The baking changes the consistency.

If you prefer them raw – then, go for it!

I just failed Fat Bombs 101! As I see, it was the consistency of the coconut butter. Maybe next time!

Oh Sally – I am sorry. I think the comnsistency of the coconut butter is a big factor, but an unsuccessful recipe is ALWAYS a frustrating thing.

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