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Suzanne Jongmans Reinterprets 16th and 17th Century Portraiture

'Julie, Portrait of a Woman' by Suzanne Jongmans
‘Julie, Portrait of a Woman’ by Suzanne Jongmans (2012)
(Image © Suzanne Jongmans)

Check out the fabulous work of Dutch photographer, Suzanne Jongmans. In her ‘Foam Sculptures’ series she uses costumes of caps and collars, inspired by 16th and 17th Century paintings, and made from packaging and insulation material that would otherwise be discarded.

I find them quite compelling…

'Girl with Cape' by Suzanne Jongmans
‘Girl with Cape’ by Suzanne Jongmans (2007)
(Image © Suzanne Jongmans)
'Prince Jonah' by Suzanne Jongmans
‘Prince Jonah’ by Suzanne Jongmans (2010)
(Image © Suzanne Jongmans)
'Lady with Pearls' by Suzanne Jongmans
‘Lady with Pearls’ by Suzanne Jongmans (2009)
(Image © Suzanne Jongmans)
'Owen, the Dialogue' by Suzanne Jongmans
‘Owen, the Dialogue’ by Suzanne Jongmans
(Image © Suzanne Jongmans)
'Girl in Cloak' by Suzanne Jongmans
‘Girl in Cloak’ by Suzanne Jongmans (2010)
(Image © Suzanne Jongmans)

You can check out more of Suzanne Jongman’s work here. She has another series which also reinterprets the old portraits of the 16th and 17th centuries, but instead of up-cycled foam, these include items from the 21st Century – an iPod, a tattoo, a plaster cast – to bring the portraits clearly into present day.

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Comments (13)

These are awesome…. they are really eerie and a little bit haunting at the same time though…. but really well done! 🙂

Her related series is pretty amazing, too, BCD. Old fashioned poses with a modern twist (like a hot pink plaster cast poking out from under a skirt)

really beautiful. that foam packaging is so elegant & ethereal!

Isn’t it an eye-opener when some creative uses a material in a new way like this?

I love them, but I’m not sure I would want one hanging in my hallway.

Nope – agreed. But clever all the same, I think 🙂

Very clever and compelling.

It is quite compelling, isn’t it Zac? Glad you thought so 🙂

This is strangely interesting. the details are very cool – the ring on the first photo is from a can! What are the cuffs from, in #4?

Re: #4, I suspect some Dutch packaging unfamiliar to us!

I found them strangely compelling, too. And, the ring is just genius, I reckon!

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