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Sydney’s Bay Run (in my case, walk)


If you live in Eastern Sydney, you have the world-famous Bondi to Bronte walk. It’s all along the coast and, if you’re a visitor to Sydney, you should definitely put it on your list of things to do.

If, like me, you live in the inner west and don’t want to battle Sydney’s traffic or the cross-city tunnel, you get the Bay Run Walk.

The Bay Walk is a 7 kilometre (that’s  just under 3.5 approximately 4.3 miles for those who think the old-fashioned way!) track following the natural course of the Iron Cove.  What makes it particularly lovely is that you’re never more than 20 metres from the water AND the walk is bike, pram and dog-friendly with lanes for walkers and cyclists.

There are also a couple of (as yet untried) cafes along the way if you get desperate for a caffeine injection.  Not too far off the beaten track, there’s also a dog park WITH a dog café.

The pooch and I try to get out for our vitamin D injection on the Bay Walk 2 – 3 times a week.  These were taken yesterday…

This Sydney Life Bay Run Pic

This Sydney Life Bay Walk

This Sydney Life Bay Walk

This Sydney Life Bay Walk

This Sydney Life Drummoyne Olympic Pool

This Sydney Life Bay Walk

This Sydney Life Bay Walk

This Sydney Life Bay Walk

This Sydney Life Bella on Bay Walk

This Sydney Life Bella on Bay Walk

For those of you who know Bella, she managed to lose her ball, roll around on a dead rat while off the lead (BLECH!!!) and go for a swim after having her pic’ taken yesterday. One happy dog!

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Comments (24)

Love this post! The second photo is just gorgeous as is the pool shot. Of course your dog gets the highest praise. Thanks for sharing these photos. I just love them. This is a great post! (I would walk too)

Hey Marina – I was inspired by you. Truly – just loved your Central Park post with the cherry blossoms. Me and my wee iPhone snaps don’t come close. But – at least some recent pics of Sydney for you!

That’s so nice, thank you! I am glad you were inspired. The photos are perfect- so nicely framed and such beautiful vistas. I think Sydney looks beautiful through the phone lens!

Ah I love Sydney and your photos made me so nostalgic, especially after a long London winter. What a post!

Awww, Cheers Soho! Thanks! 🙂

A beautiful part of Sydney – I grew up 2 mins from the Bay Run and it was a regular feature of my life until I moved over the Gladesville Bridge 10 years ago. Drummoyne Pool is one of a few pools left in Sydney which has not become a cavernous covered, chlorine soaked, aquatic centre. Hopefully it will remain so. Lovely pics! You have done the Bay Run justice!

You are welcome to join me if you’re feeling like a wee bit of nostalgia, Cettina. I’d love you to…

These shots are absolutely lovely! I don’t even swim and I want to jump in that pool…I am jealous (a little) as it is horrifying here today..what a lovely day that looks like!

Vancouver-girl – we gotta’ fix this no-ski & no-swim thing you have going on. 🙂

Ha ha! Love it! Is it wrong that I just like to lounge poolside in my bikini with a cocktail and a good magazine? Or better yet – breathing mindfully (ya right!)? Hehe..
I’ll go in, but I have to jump in and it better be HOT! 😉

I’m going to have to dig out my mango daiquiri recipe for you. Google Qualia at Hamilton Island and start dreaming beautiful (freshly pedicured) dreams…

Going to because we need it!!!! Yes, please share…I’ll be waiting…!

It certainly does look like a beautiful spot, and a lovely walk. I’m sure Bella enjoyed every minute of it. 😀
I also have a post ready showing the walk I do everyday with my baby (dog), she also loves going swimming in this case a creek. 🙂

Mags – I’m looking forward to learning about your walk and seeing pics of your pup! Bring it on.:-)

I’ve done a walk around the coast in Sydney. While I can’t remember if it covered the same area as your walk, it was certainly beautiful — amazing flora in Australia. My other striking memory were the “shark cages” in the water near people’s homes — hadn’t seen that before!

Congrats on your walk. More calories burned, more food.

Hi GGG (an alliteration of Gs) – I suspect your coastal walk was either the Bondi to Bronte or the Spit to Manly. They are the two most popular and well known, I think – particularly if we are talking shark nets. I had not seen shark nets until I came to Australia either.

Really inspires a girl to go swimming in the sea, doesn’t it?!?!?! 🙂

Lovely pictures! I remember parts of this walk from my trip there (I wanted to jump in the outdoor pool). Thanks for the happy memories! And also…what an awesome dog!

Thanks ADFW – happy to oblige, even if by happy accident!

Great photos, I know that Sydney isn’t considered one of the liveable cities in Australia but there are some really wonderful places to explore and I miss that.

Cheers! I suspect there are many worse places to be, 2BD.

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