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Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri is Funky Yet Freakish…

Cactus Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
Cactus Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
(Image sourced from Architonic)
Cactus Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
Cactus Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
(Image sourced from Architonic)

Yes, you can sit on it… I love the humour in these clever designs by the very talented duo, Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman for Cerruti Baleri. I’m particularly enamoured of the Cactus – the combination of the prickly image surrounding the soft(ish) seat makes me smile just to look at it.

The Tattoo is a flexible pouffe or footrest in the shape of an egg (tato) or sphere (tatino). Made from CFC-free flexible polyurethane with a rigid structure and plastic base, this amazingly creative artwork has photographic images printed on the bi-elastic technical-fabric cover. Once the cover is fitted, the image becomes three-dimensional. I think the concept is just brilliant.

While there are all sorts of designs to choose from, here are some of the other designs available in the range:

Koi Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
Koi Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
(Image sourced from Architonic)
Tiger Skull Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
Tiger Skull Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
(Image sourced from Architonic)
Green Apple Stool Tato Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
Green Apple Stool Tatino Tattoo by Cerruti Baleri
Also available in red (They look scary-real, don’t they?)
(Image sourced from Cerruti Baleri)

Winning the Wallpaper* Design Award 2012 for ‘best faking it’ (what a brilliant award, I say!) – the Tattoo is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you choose to put it.

I couldn’t find a supplier in Australia, but you can access the Cerruti Baleri website here. Can’t wait to see what image they come up with next…

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Comments (25)

OMG! They keep getting better! I think my favorite is the apples…though the koi is up there too. These are awesome!

You may have the apples AND the koi if I can have the cacti! Aren’t they FABULOUS?

I’m loving these, I’ve flipped back and forth and I’m liking the apples also.And just how art should be ‘fun’.

I hear you, Yvette! Art should definitely be fun. You can fight Shira for the apples! – or, maybe one of you can take green and the other red?

I think I want one! They look fabulous .. functional but quirky! A couple of those apples would fit right into my colour scheme!!

The apples seem to be winning, Ellen. I’m going to get out of the way… 🙂

I love the apple stools! You always find the coolest stuff. It would be great fun to see you curate an empty house, from top to bottom!! Or a chair exhibition. That would be pretty FAB. Enjoy the weekend! T.

T – I would love to curate an empty house. OMGA (oh my giddy aunt!) – just salivating at the thought. Of course, it would require a limitless budget. Do you think you could arrange that if I promise to get you an apple in the colour of your choosing…?

Oh just the thought of sitting on the first one gives me shivers, what a fantastic illusion. 😀

Clever, huh? I love how they can achieve this three dimensional effect, Mags.

The cactus one is so so clever! They double up as plants if you don’t have a green thumb 😉 The apples are so cool as well. The creativity of people does boggle my mind! Nice find Syders!

Looks like it’s you and me fighting it out for the cacti, Marina. Most people seem to prefer the apples. I just love the prickle-in-the-bum concept. Makes me smile just thinking about it… (Perhaps I need to get out more?)

haha! Maybe? Or invite people over when you get them. I’ll let you have ’em 🙂

Brilliant! Love the apples too, but would be worth getting a few of the cacti just to see how visitors react when you tell them to sit down… 🙂

See – sisters in a parallel universe, Sparks. My thoughts e x a c t l y . Spooky!

I would love to put the cacti in my classroom. That would be a hoot!

Kids would go bonkers for the cacti, I reckon’. Mind you, an apple for the teacher…

I’d go with the apples. Can’t go wrong with food….

This is true, GG. We are eating a lot of crumble down here in the cold…

V cool! Love the apples!:-)

The apples seem to be the most popular. I like the cacti!

And another puff here! You’re quite right, the cactus ones are fab – so real it pains me to think of sitting at them and finding them soft against their looks!

Ha! It pains you! It wouldn’t pain you to sit on these, Layyla…

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