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The Amazing Hand-Embroidered World of Paschbeck Fummel+Kram


If you had not already worked it out after reading a few of my posts (here and here), I love scarves. Maybe it’s because I really love colour but tend to wear a lot of monochromatic clothes? I don’t know. What I do know is that accessories are my friend.

I have just discovered the fabulously funky world of Paschbeck Fummel+Kram. Perhaps I have had my head in the sand and the rest of the world has already discovered the hand-stitched and appliquéd doodle-like designs that oh-so colourfully adorn scarves and bags and shirts and more; or perhaps I can introduce you to the super-stylish Paschbeck Fummel+Kram for the first time…?

Let’s begin with a couple of their wonderfully generous scarves. These are core pieces for the label and are made of quality cotton or silk, hand-woven and hand dyed. The colourful embroideries are elaborately manufactured by hand. “The production of a single piece takes about 6 weeks”, according to Angelika Paschbeck.

Image of Paschbeck Fummel + Kram's  Scarf 'My Dog' in Petrol
Paschbeck Fummel+Kram’s Scarf ‘My Dog’ in Petrol
Hand embroidered cotton scarf with silk appliques and lots of wee tassels
120cm x 120cm
(Image sourced from Fummel und Kram)
Image of Paschbeck Fummel + Kram's Scarf 'City Map Hong kong'
Paschbeck Fummel+Kram’s Scarf ‘City Map Hong kong’
Screenprinted scarf topped with hand embroidery
110cm x 110cm, hand wash
(Image sourced from Fummel und Kram)

And then there are the hand embroidered clothes. Yes, I said hand-embroidered!:

Image of Paschbeck Fummel + Kram's Simple Top in Grey
Paschbeck Fummel+Kram’s Simple Top in Grey
Light summer top with hand embroidery and lace appliques on both sides
30% silk, 70% cotton
(Image sourced from Fummel und Kram)
Image of Paschbeck Fummel + Kram's T-Shirt 'Rich Summer'
Paschbeck Fummel+Kram’s T-Shirt ‘Rich Summer’
Front and back are hand embroidered. Each t-shirt is unique.
100% cotton
(Image sourced from Fummel und Kram)
Image of Paschbeck Fummel + Kram's Knit Cap in Dark Grey
Paschbeck Fummel+Kram’s Knit Cap in Dark Grey
100% alpaca, hand-knitted in Peru with and finished with hand embroidered silk
(Image sourced from Fummel und Kram)

I’m seriously lusting after one of these beaded bags. (sigh)

Image of Paschbeck Fummel + Kram's Glitter Bag
Paschbeck Fummel+Kram’s Glitter Bag
Canvas covered in hundreds of beads, sequins and silk embroidery
24cm x 22cm
(Image sourced from Fummel und Kram)

And, if – like me – your budget doesn’t quite reach to one of the hand-crafted items shown, every time you purchase one of these notebooks, you sponsor a street child in India for a month. I think they’re just beautiful.

Image of Paschbeck Fummel + Kram Notebook in Pink
Paschbeck Fummel+Kram Notebook in Pink
Also available in purple, orange and grey
Hand-crafted notebook with 2 different papers. Both the cover and the back are hand embroidered.
(Image sourced from Fummel und Kram)

Angelika Paschbeck is the founder, owner and head of design at Paschbeck Fummel+Kram. She founded the label back in 2003 (where was I?). At the beginning, the label consisted of only a small line of hand-made pieces. Today there is a full-scale collection made up of selected vibrant scarves, bags, womenswear – all full of humorous designs, embroidered (and sometimes dyed) and made from high quality natural fabrics and inspired by influences such as childhood memories and current affairs.

You can purchase items from the Paschbeck Fummel+Kram range online here. I’m starting to save my pennies now…

In Sydney, there is a small selection of Paschbeck Fummel+Kram available at Caro & Co Concept Store in Westfield Mall, Pitt Street.

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Comments (20)

I love the grey top, amazing…. I dare not look at how much it is!!

Isn’t it gorgeous? BCD, I thought about putting prices in the post, and then I thought again. I reckon’ it would scare all but the most dedicated fashionista away! 🙂

Craving those scarfs. . . Weirdly enough, summer has arrived, and I am on a great scarf hunt. . . Need to get on the right season hehe

A scarf is always an acceptable accessory, DT. In the summer, you just wear a cotton one…! 🙂

We’ve had this discussion before but you and Beloved would get on. She has so many scarves and shawls that she needs to keep them in the spare wardrobe!! Me, I am a plain sort of chap, I like my chain collar. I am a minimalist.
But I like Beloved in scarves and she and The Princess love bling so the bag would go down well with either of them.

The bag is gorgeous, Zac. I think I’m with your Beloved, tho’ – The scarves are my favourite and my ‘go to’ accessory of choice. Do have to ensure that Bella doesn’t accidentally do them any damage at times – she is an enthusiastic jumping poodle when she greets me at the door. 🙂

Definitely a lot of talent to be able to do this, but the only thing I really like is the bag, very nice indeed. 🙂

gosh … this is getting better and better…art is back to woman’s skill basics from the past….I better find my sock 🙂 …I love the grey top

I reckon’ it’s great, B. Perhaps some of your beautifully moody images of your sock…?

Some people are so talented, loving the Hong Kong map and the notebook in particular. Can definitely see one of these accessories adourning one of your outfits! 🙂

So can I… There are so many covetable things out there… (is that even a word? – covetable. It is now!)

At first, I wanted the one that says, “My dog looks like me,” because Wonderbutt and I definitely resemble each other. But then I saw the purse. I must have that purse!

O.K. Never mind. I just converted those Euros to dollars, and I’m pretty sure Cap’n Firepants won’t go for that splurge…

It is fair to say that a lot of my posts are aspirational, WIM2S. These definitely fall into that category!

The ‘My dog looks like me’ scarf was what caught my eye first, too. Then I decided I want it all! 🙂

Yep, the bag has won me too. Although that so-called “simple” (!) grey top is so pretty. But if I’m being sensible, can always use another notebook – and this way I’d be shopping to help a child in India too! Very cool, TSL 🙂

I reckon’ your man candles may trump this, Sparks. Who would’ve thunk it? 🙂

city map – Hong Kong: Love! A NY one would be fun.

Totally agree – a NY one, or maybe a Paris one, or what about Berlin, or London, or Sydney for that matter…:-)

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