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The BIG Move…

Moving Home
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Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. (William Morris)

I’ve always loved the sentiment behind this William Morris quote. The new digs are significantly smaller – here goes with attempting to ruthlessly cull all that is not either useful or beautiful…

Back soon x

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Hey Jane – to say that I’m over it is an understatement! (sigh!) Downsizing is hard… but, we’re getting there!

Go well it will be a great adventure j

DEFINITELY an adventure, J. Are you two settled in?

Thinking of R for his big day on June 16th…

My husband and I lived in a trailer for 3 years (I think you’d call it a caravan?) My favorite part was that we simply couldn’t be materialistic while living there. There was no room! If something new came into the trailer, something else had to leave. Wishing you lots of joy in your new smaller digs!

Eileen – you’re a wee bit of an inspiration to me. I can’t imagine living in a caravan for THREE YEARS!!! And, how on earth would I manage AIP in such a weeny kitchen?

The move is taking time, but we are getting there. Thanks for your well wishes!

Hope that your move went well. Sorry I have been a little absent… sleep deprivation is catching up with me!

BCD! How are you and the wee man? I’ve been missing you.

We are good, just a little sleep deprived but hoping to be back in a couple of months xx

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