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The Healing Kitchen – Review + Bacon-Wrapped Apple & Cinnamon Sausage Recipe + Giveaway

THK Bacon-Wrapped Apple & Cinnamon Sausage

JFC The Healing Kitchen Giveaway

“Cookbooks hit you where you live. You want comfort; you want security; you want food; you want to not be hungry and not only do you want those basic things fixed, you want it done in a really nice, gentle way that makes you feel loved. That’s a big desire, and cookbooks say to the person reading them, ‘If you will read me, you will be able to do this for yourself and for others. You will make everybody feel better.’”

– Laurie Colwin, ‘More Home Cooking’

Sometimes a cookbook comes along that exceeds all expectations…

The collaboration that is The Healing Kitchen – between Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom  herself; and Alaena Haber, of the seriously fabulous Grazed and Enthused blog – has been an eagerly awaited thing for some time.

Between you and me, there were some high expectations here at my place. Unless you’re new to my blog, you’ll already be aware of just how much of an advocate I am of Sarah’s first book, The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body. It has been a life changing book for me.  Literally. And, Alaena’s recipes always work. She is one of the most popular AIP recipe creators at our local Sydney AIP picnics.

And, if you follow my fledgling Instagram account (@joannafrankham), you will have seen evidence of just how many of the fab’ recipes from ‘The Healing Kitchen’ I have been experimenting with over the past wee while.

And, every one a winner.

The Healing Kitchen Mango Guacamole

But – I’m getting ahead of myself…

‘The Healing Kitchen’ is more than just a cookbook. As well as over 175 recipes of Autoimmune Protocol-friendly recipes, it includes:

  • the tools you need to turn your kitchen in to ‘healing central’ (even if you are new to AIP)
  • a nutrient-first understanding of healthy eating – including a breakdown of the science, written in a way that non-science types (like me) can easily understand
  • a highly visual way to understand – at a glance – what you should and shouldn’t be eating
  • clear instructions on how to navigate your supermarket or grocery store
  • a whole bunch of meal plans to suit your personal needs

You don’t have to follow AIP to enjoy this book…

It’s the start of a new year, and that means, like so many others, I’m on a bit of a health kick. For me, this means a modified AIP / Whole30 combo. I’m keeping some of my successful reintroductions – things like nuts and eggs, but all dairy, added sugar and alcohol are gone for 30 days.

Gone, Baby, gone!

And, it has been surprisingly easy. Because, I’ve been cooking almost exclusively from ‘The Healing Kitchen’ – which not only includes all those tasty AIP-friendly recipes, but also LOTS of great photos! I like to see the recipe I’m making…

…and, just to reinforce the power of the pic, I’m including a whole bunch of my ‘The Healing Kitchen’ kitchen-capers to whet your appetite!

The Healing Kitchen Bacon Fries

And, if you think I’m exaggerating about the claim that you don’t need to be following the protocol to want this book, let me tell you that I served a few of the goodies from it for friends over the weekend. Standard diet friends, no less. One of whom, I’m pretty sure, thinks I’m completely bonkers for the way I choose to eat.

He ate every last wee morsel!

He particularly liked the Orange & Olive Tapenade… (I didn’t tell him it was healthy!)

The Healing Kitchen Orange and Olive Tapenade

THK Gingered Asparagus

Can you tell that I really love this book?

THK Spicy Carrots


“Did you ever stop to taste a carrot? Not just eat it, but taste it? You can’t taste the beauty and energy of the earth in a Twinkie.” – Astrid Alauda


The Healing Kitchen Meatballs and Pesto

The Healing Kitchen Mango Gummies

And, if all those pics weren’t enough to whet your appetite, here’s a wee recipe from the book…

Alaena and Sarah have kindly given me permission to share this recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Apple & Cinnamon Sausage from their book. I love these little beauties for their hit of rosemary, but the recipe definitely falls under ‘dude-food’ umbrella; and The Bacon Mum assures me it’s a winner with 7-year olds, too!

It hits the trifecta for a recipe!

Bacon-Wrapped Apple & Cinnamon Sausage
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This recipe is AIP-friendly Reprinted with permission from The Healing Kitchen
Recipe type: Starters and Snacks
Serves: 15
  • 15 slices streaky bacon (not thick cut)
  • 1 ½ pounds (700g) ground pork
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, finely diced
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh rosemary
  • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon fine sea salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground mace
  1. Heat the oven to 175°C/350°F. Have on a hand two 12-cup muffin pans.
  2. Cut the bacon slices in half widthwise. Do not use thick-cut bacon, as it will be difficult to mold into the muff in cups and will not cook properly. Lay 2 half-slices in an X shape inside a muff in cup. Fold any overhang into the inside rim of the cup. Repeat with the rest of the bacon to make a total of 15 cups. If you prefer your bacon crispier, bake the bacon cups for 7 to 10 minutes, then proceed with Step 3.
  3. Place the rest of the ingredients in a medium bowl and combine with your hands. Form fifteen ¼ cup–size balls of sausage with your hands and press them into the prepared bacon cups.
  4. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the sausage is cooked through and the edges of the bacon are crispy. Immediately use a spoon to remove the cups to a paper towel–lined plate so that they are not sitting in all the juices. Let cool slightly and serve either warm or cold for an on-the-go breakfast.
Metric cup sizes are slightly larger than American. My recipe made exactly 12 of these fab' wee Bacon-Wrapped Apple & Cinnamon Sausages


As this whole-food eating, nutrient-dense approach to diet and lifestyle continues to grow, I’m sure we will continue to see more and more ‘healthy’ cookbooks coming to the market. And that can only be a good thing, because it suggests that more of us are interested – not only in what we eat, but what our food can do for us.

I’m here to tell you that if you only buy one ‘healthy eating’ cookbook this year, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than ‘The Healing Kitchen’.


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And, as promised, it’s giveaway time!


Alaena and Sarah have kindly offered one of you lucky readers the chance to have your own copy of the ‘The Healing Kitchen cookbook. 

Because I love this book so much, I’m giving away a second copy.

There are 2 easy steps to enter the giveaway –

1. Subscribe to my newsletter. Either signup HERE or click the link at the top right corner of this page. If you already receive my newsletter, you’re good to go! No need to sign up again.
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to win a copy of this cookbook. Be sure to enter your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win.

A Couple of Things to Note:

This giveaway is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only. I know – controversial! So often down here, giveaways are limited to US residents – so, I’m turning the tables for this one. Also, the book is seriously heavy, so it’s a postie’s nightmare!
The winners will be chosen at random on Friday, January 22nd at midday Australian Eastern Time.

Please note – this giveaway is no longer open

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Comments (110)

Hi, I have been following a modified GAPS diet on doctors advice, but I have recently realised I have really been eating AIP. So a cookbook with food I can actually eat…without modifying and substituting until it’s barely recognisable ..what a relief!

Hi Julie – good luck! You’re first cab off the rank 🙂

I have this cookbook and think it is wonderful! I’m on the autoimmune protocol and it has done wonders.

I would LOVE to win a second copy of this book so I can give it to a dear friend who is on the fence about trying the autoimmune protocol. She has Celiac, Autoimmune hepatitis, and Ulcerative Colitis.

I was going to buy it for her, but my husband said that would be too pushy (and turn her off). However if I won a copy I could give it to her without the pressure.

Love your blog, and wish I lived in Sydney.

Hey Philippa – We always welcome visiting AIPers to our local Sydney picnics. Just saying 🙂

You’re in the draw!

I’d love to get a cookbook with AIP recipes that isn’t from the US! Food that’s available here would be fab

Hey Frank – to be clear, the book is actually published in the US. I’ve been cooking almost exclusively from it over the past couple of weeks and the food is definitely available in our neck of the woods!

hi Joanna. Thanks for your blog its a great resource and so nice to have a local blogger. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have RA Coeliac and Hyperthyroid. Cheers Megan x

Hello Megan – you’re in the draw! Good luck 🙂

Hi Joanna!
This book is simply amazing! It was my Christmas pressie to myself and I pre-ordered it a few weeks before release in America. I was very excited to have it in my hands just two weeks after it launched! I’ve used one of the suggested meal plans, which was awesomely simple, and have used the others as a guide for making my own as a trial for returning to Uni in March. It is such a relief not to be worrying about food! Stress management and sleep are my two focus points at the moment, and this book has been a God-send in that I’m not needing to focus on food. I’m not great with the conversions yet (never had to worry about pounds and ounces before) but I’m learning quickly and all the recipes I’ve tried are easy and so so delicious!! There isn’t anything I’ve tried yet that I won’t be having again. And in regards to the bacon-wrapped apple and cinnamon sausage – that is actually lunch for today with some fruit!
Thanks for reviewing the book here in Australia! I’m hoping the Aussie AIP-ers can embrace this resource as much as their international cousins. xxoo

Robyn – best advice is to get a set of electric scales that alternate between metric and lbs/oz. Mine are Salter.

Sleep and stress are the two biggest hurdles for many. May the force be with you!

…and I agree. This book rocks!

Omgosh, this book! My main aim is to be able to cook a variety of as many simple recipes, for me, that my family will also enjoy to save me some cooking . And having a hard copy, oh how I miss hard copies! Lol

Rinna – I hear you! I do love me a hard-copy cook book!

This baby is CHOCK-full of easy recipes. Good luck, Possum!

I am on day 2 of AIP, I spent all of Sunday food prepping, making yummy meals to heal my post partum thyroiditis. Having this recipe book is definitely going to make this overwhelming journey a little easier… And tastier ?

Jasmine – Congrats on taking the plunge! The first week is the hardest.

Good luck in the draw!

I am new to the AIP way of eating and struggling for easy inspiration, would be so grateful for a cookbook to inspire me to keep going

Hi Carlene – welcome to the AIP club! I recommend you check out Eileen’s weekly recipe roundtable over at Phoenix Helix. You’ll find LOTS of inspiration.

Good luck!

Hi Joanna, I am so glad I hv found you – it is so good to hv Aussie support ! I am preparing to start AIP for Fibro and RA. Do u know the cheapest way to purchase this book as when I hv tried to purchase online internationally the postage is very expensive?! Is it for sale in Australia or thru u ?? Rgds chonny

Chonny – I think the cheapest way (other than winning it!) is to check out The Book Depository. No shipping costs.

You’re in the draw!

The website allows you to search for any book title, author or isbn number and then shows you a list of the prices (including postage) from all the major online bookstores from cheapest to most expensive. I always use it whenever I buy a book 🙂

AWESOME share! Thanks so much, Philippa 🙂

I recently came across Sarah’s work & eat pretty much paleo now. Am still inflamed & imbalanced so feel the plunge into AIP calling me. This book would be an invaluable resource. Thank you

Venessa – Good luck! 🙂

I’ve had issues with EOE and most of the time I eat healthy but I’d like to be better organized so I have prepared meals for those times I don’t have time to cook. If this book can help with that would be great 🙂

Janiece – The meal planning section would definitely help.

Good luck!

I just started AIP 2 weeks ago & yesterday was the first day I have felt so energetic in 11 years. It felt amazing & I want more of this energy. My food has been pretty bland though. My struggle is making things my family will eat. If I can make delicious things we all share it would be so much better for all of us.

Hi Jo – so happy to hear that your energy levels have improved. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Batch cooking is my secret. I always double the recipe and freeze half. That way, I’m never short.

Good luck in the giveaway!

Hi there my daughter has been sickly for most of her life. Last night she said to me she’s had enough. She’s 20. We have been on paleo for a week and i have decided to try us on AIP due to her conditions. She looked at me devastatingly. Like going paleo wasn’t enough!!!! This is our last chance, we’ve tried everything. Everyday 24/7 she’s nauseous and bloated, swollen and in pain. Drs are at wits end. US TOO. We need to try this. Some of those recipes look amazing.

Hi Karen – I can tell you (and your daughter) that AIP has changed my life. And, while it is not without it’s challenges in terms of the social life of a 20 year old, it is completely doable. Please let me know if you’d like to chat further about this.

You’re in the draw for ‘The Healing Kitchen’. Good luck!

Hi Joanna, I’d love to win the Healing Kitchen to add to the fantastic recipes I’ve collected over the past 6 mths following AIP Paleo Approach. My daughter gave me Dr Sarah Ballantyne’s recipe book for Christmas and really wanted to also add the Healing Kitchen with my present. I’m always looking for new recipes to try and passing them on to friends who have now taken my advice to follow AIP. Looking forward to a change of luck for the new year and winning this book! Many blessings Judi

Hi Judi – blessings back!

Good luck in the draw 🙂

Hello Joanna, I have struggled with my health for all of my adult life, starting with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and the side effects of cancer treatment through to crohns, asthma, raynauds and fibromyalgia now. I have explored so many avenues and AIP seems to be the one noticeable change in the way I feel. I know that nourishing food can drastically change the trajectory of my health and my life… and I’d love to help spread the word about this to fellow auto-immune disease sufferers (through my graphic design and information design skillset). I just turned 30 and would love a little help in making the next thirty years the time that I overcome these challenges and take control of my life. I would be extremely grateful if I were to receive a copy of this. Sending love to all the other lovely people out there who are trying to manage their health and make a difference in the world. xxx

Hi Hayley – that’s a pretty inspiring goal!

Let’s see what happens with the draw… Good luck!

I would love to win this book, having all sorts of problems with inflammation causing arthritis and facial neuralgia. This would be a godsend.

Hello Natalie – you’re in the draw. I wish you luck 🙂

Hi! So I’ve got 3 autoimmune diseases a rheumatoid arthritis, diagnosed in Sept 2008, Polymyositis, diagnosed in Nov 2014, and Sjogrens, diagnosed in Oct 2015.
Before my Polymyositis and diagnosis, I was basically living a normal pain free life, even with my RA. After years of trying different cocktails of meds, we finally found a combo that worked for me – Humira, methotrexate and diclofenac. I was able to be very active, doing crossfit and eating relatively healthily (clean eating diet).
Unfortunately, at that time I didn’t know enough about autoimmune diseases to know that, while I was doing okay, my body was actually still suffering. After months and months of unexplained muscular pain and inflammation, I ended up in hospital and finally got a diagnosis – Polymyositis. I started the cycle again if trying different med combos to find something that would work, but I had to stop exercising. I started on Orencia and had terrible side effects. When I got the go ahead to start moving again, I let my motivation and excitement get the better of me and I ended up back at square one – flaring up. Then I started doing some research and came across paleo and then AIP. I started eating paleo and started seeing some improvement in my pain and inflammation….. Until I started having some severe anxiety and depression. I had also been experiencing a lot of digestive issues and very poor quality sleep. Little did I know at that point, that it was all connected.
After months more research and reading, trial and error, and more meds for depression and anxiety, as well as psychologist help, I took up a suggestion to try going gluten free. I started gluten free, as well as starting on some probiotics and other supplements to Heslo heal my body. Since then, I’ve had some great results… with one exception – exercise. I still couldn’t do anything more than a light walk or some stretching without being in extreme pain.
So, I’m now ready to take the next step and move full steam ahead with the AIP lifestyle. So please help by giving me some motivational material and recipes!!!! Thanks for reading!

Hi Kristine – thanks for sharing your story. It helps people to know that they are not alone.

When you’re healing, especially from severe AI symptoms, gentle movement is recommended. I know that’s a BIG ask for many type-A former-cross fit peeps. BUT! – managing that stress is a major part of the healing. It’s been the hardest thing for me to get my head around, too 🙂

Good luck in the draw.

I am hoping to get some inspiration towards living a better, healthier life! I have Hashi’s…have had it since childhood, so I might never go into remission, but I can feel better. This book looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing it and leading me to your blog.

Hello lovely Marcia! – thanks for signing up!

The book IS fantastic. Good luck!

I am so excited I have found your page! Having suffered cold urticaria for years the Aussie drs, friends and family look at me like I am crazy. After reading you page I am going to give AIP a go and hopefully start the healing process to getting my life back.
Alaena and Sarah’s book will help me get the family on board with great recipes and set me on the path of healing! Looking forward to feeling healthy in 2016 🙂

Hi Cheryl – I’m happy you’re here!

I can tell you AIP changed my life. It took some work, and I still have people in my life who eat a ‘standard diet’ and think I’m bonkers (they’re too polite to say it, but I know 🙂 ).

Good luck in the draw!

If the book is anything like The Paleo Mom’s website, I can’t wait to win! Hoping it will help with feeding my 2 Coeliac children who are transitioning to Paleo.

Melissa – I actually think it’s easier to navigate AND it’s all in one handy resource.

This lifestyle is challenging for adults. I have a Coeliac nephew – I know just how tough it can be for little people.

Good luck.

Hoping to increase all my recipes (Love Paleo Mom!) to get all our families tummies sorted and my ASD adult son. Thanks for the chance to win having an aussie comp!

Danielle – we ALL love The Paleo Mom! She’s fab’. And so is Alaena!

Good luck!

Hi Joanna,
Our family would really love this cook book! My son (who is 4) and myself have been diagnosed with pyroluria disorder and through eating all the wrong foods we have both got terrible leaky gut and many health problems from this disorder. Our practitioner has put us on the AIP diet and with all 4 year olds, change is hard. I need to bringing healing to us both and this cook book looks fabulous!
I will say please with a cherry on top, and good luck to all contestant’s!

Hi Robyn – I’m a fellow Pyroluria girl, so I do understand (I even wrote a wee post about it a while back: Could You Have Pyrrole Disorder? I feel for your little man, in particular. This is especially hard on little peeps.

Good luck in the giveaway!

Hi Joanna,
I read your post and you did a good job describing it. I have found that magnesium deficiency and copper poisoning is an issue with many pyroles too. I’ve had ap many years of mental and physical health issues its so nice to have an answer. Hopefully by being proactive with my son we can lessen the stress for him in future.

Yes – that certainly can be an issue. Weirdly, magnesium deficiency – while common – was not one of my issues. We are all unique little vegemites!

I had no idea just how much anxiety I was suffering until I started managing my Pyrrole disorder – it really was quite amazing. I wasn’t nearly as self aware as I had thought! 🙂

I wish you and your son well.

Your never to old to learn something new. Not that long ago I was diagnosed with a autoimmune illness. The thing is I’m also pretty positive my mum has it as well. She is 77 and has been enjoying some testing out of some of the new recipes, I try to incorporate into our lifestyle. Bone-broth, Cultured foods etc. I love books and love them more in hard copy. I’m sure Mum would also love to have a recipe book that’s in hard copy for her to peek her interest more, if only I had something tactile to put in her dear old hand. (she’s not much into computers) Healing my mum with the aid of the cookbook would be like no feeling Ive ever had on earth. Many Thanks for the competition.

Hi Livvie (and Livvie’s Mum!)

You are DEFINITELY never too old! I’ve got my Dad on board, and if he can give up potatoes… 🙂

Good luck!

It’s time to give aip another go- I’ve just added a psoriasis diagnosis to my list of conditions. I honestly struggle with many aip recipes I find online. They usually have foreign ingredients or are complex and not suitable for a busy family with little ones who need to be fed in seconds or the whinging hurts my ears. I’m
Also never prepared and end up just eating copious amounts of coconut chips to get me through. Or I have to cook separate meals which also takes planning. So I’m really interested in this book to see if it can help me get organised and get my immune system back on track.

Hey Renae – the biggest secret to any healing diet is planning and preparation. Things like bone broth and ferments take time, so planning ahead is essential. And – batch cooking is my mantra. I double the recipe for everything. And then I freeze half. That way, I alswys have something on hand, even when cooking is the last thing I feel like doing.

Good luck in the giveaways and with your AIP caper 🙂

Hi Joanna,
It is so good to have a local AIP authority here in Sydney! Love your work and the positivity!
Hoping that we will get to have an AIP picnic soon!

Also, I would love to get a copy of the book – Have most of the AIP ones, but not the healing kitchen! That would be a treat! I have been on the strict AIP for almost a year, and I am determined to keep going.

Hi Renata – Good on you for staying the course!

I’ll see what we can do about another picnic, Possum!

Good luck in the giveaway!

Oh wow, i so much would like to win this book. I have been a fan of Sarah’s for sometime but I really need a good book to refer to….please!
I’m also trying to convince my husband and children to join me in some healthy healing and whats a better way than to have a very yummy recipe book, with amazing pictures to tantalise him/them.
I have Hashimotos and Psoriasis and my hubby has T1 Diabetes. My eldest son already has severe acne and he’s only 11! So its something we definitely need….now and in the future.
Thanks for the opportunity Joanna

Hey Noni – sounds like The Healing Kitchen is just what you and your family need!

My Dad’s lifelong Psoriasis started to noticeably improve after 4 weeks AIP. And, I know just how awful childhood acne can be for self esteem (I speak from personal experience). I am sure the Roaccutane I was prescribed contributed to my autoimmune issues.

Good luck in the draw. Here if you want to talk things AIP any further 🙂

Thanks Joanna, yes we are trying to avoid the drug path with our son…. Must try via diet first. Poor little blight…
Thanks for your understanding and response.

Hi! I am on day 2 of AIP desperately trying to bring some healing to my body which has been hit hard by lichen planus, Coeliac disease and general sense of feeling crap. Would love to win this book to get some inspiration on ways I can nourish and heal with tasty recipes! ?

Hi Alexandra – The first week is the hardest. Good on you for taking the plunge!

Good luck in the draw.

Hi Joanna, I am a big fan of Sarah Ballantyne’s work too. I found out recently I have early stages of Hashimoto’s. I’ve been wanting to start AIP, but find it really overwhelming. This would be a great resource for me to get me over the edge! Thanks, holly

Hi Holly – AIP can be overwhelming, I know. Kind of why I do what I do 🙂

Good luck with the giveaway!

I’d love to win this cookbook to introduce my chrons suffering son to some healing foods without him realising and then give him the book to carry on from there. It would be fantastic to have an easy to follow recipe book with no substitutions needed…bliss 🙂

Janene – I LOVE your sneaky, ‘secret squirrel’ approach. How ‘stealth’ of you!

May the force be with you (and good luck!)

I would love the chance to win the book. I have been suffering with a number of autoimmune conditions from hashimotos to colitis. I find that i struggle keeping up with an anti-inflammatory diet and a recipe book like yours would definitely help me keep on track plus make my cooking less bland and boring for the family.



I am a new mum and have hashimotos. I have tried all sorts of diets prior to the birth of my baby but nothing has worked. I realised I needed to give AIP a go prior to Christmas and so started in Dec. I have been struggling with energy so meal planning and batch cooking have been difficult. I had an iron transfusion on Xmas eve but this has made my energy worse. I am breastfeeding and crave sugar for a quick pick me up due to th fatigue. I think this book will really help me to make things simpler and be able to cook meals that the whole family can enjoy instead of cooking 3 separate meals for myself, partner and baby. If I don’t win do you think the cookbook will help?

Hi Dawn – I’m sorry that you’re having a tough time, especially with a wee one.

I think ‘The Healing Kitchen’ is a fantastic resource – both in practical terms (organising yourself and your kitchen/pantry) but also for the many great and easy recipes. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t believe that.

Good luck in the giveaway.

Thanks Joanna appreciate the feedback. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

Been following Paleo Mom for a number of years after being recommended to follow Paleo way of eating by a doctor we were seeing. This book looks awesome and will definitely help my 4 year old daughter’s tummy issues. Happy to have found your blog!!

Hi Michelle – welcome! Happy you are here.

Best of luck in the giveaway.

For my wife. She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I’m a part time carer. I would love to cook a larger variety of AIP meals for her so she can heal.

Hi Ross – sorry to hear about your wife. This would certainly offer a variety of nutrient-rich food ideas. Good luck!

Hello there, yes I would really love a copy! I have just been diagnosed and this all seems so scary and hard, but I want to give it a really good go for at least 6 months to find out if it will help me. Please pick me! x

Hi Carla – you’re in the running! Good luck 🙂

In late 2014 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. 3 months after the birth of my second son.
Instead of going on the hard core drugs they wanted me to (and in turn stop breastfeeding my little one) I decided I wanted to do something different. Something better.
I started the AIP in February last year and I haven’t looked back! I fed my son until he was almost 15 months old and apart from a slight flare when I gave up breastfeeding I am feeling pretty damn good. And better still I’m drug free!
As a business owner and mother of 2 little boys I find the hardest thing is thinking of new things to eat (and of course finding the time to make them!) so I would love to win this book!
Thank you x

Kristen – what a great story! Thanks so much for sharing.

I wish you luck in the draw. 🙂

I would like to win these books, as I am so tired, and in so much pain, I really want my life back. Spending 80% of my life in bed is not right. Started AIP Thirteen days ago. The book would really help me on this journey.

Emma – congratulations in achieving your first 13 days on the protocol. It is difficult at the beginning, especially when you are so ill. Stay strong.

Good luck in the giveaway.

Hi Joanna,
I found AIP via Dr Sarah Ballantyne’s work two years ago and it made a big difference to my health prior to planned surgery and intense medical procedures. I enjoyed what I ate, but I ended up with a narrow repertoire of recipes. With a new baby on the way it’s time to expand my repertoire – and this book sounds amazing!

Hi Bianca – congratulations on your pregnancy!

Fingers crossed for the giveaway!

Hi! I believe I came across this tonight because I need it – I am so tired of being tired -not just sleep tired but mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually tired. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and a recent flare up has left me with the worst fatigue I’ve known. I have just been diagnosed with SIBO and my gut needs help. I am sure the answer is here and would love to win this book to give me the lift I need to make the changes towards better health. Thank you!

Hi Margie! Welcome, and good luck in the giveaway!

I’m a closet science nerd and really enjoy reading Sarah’s materials. I’d love to give this to my little girl and read it with her. Especially now that Miss 10 wants to be on board and start trying to make her own food choices and cook.

Hello Sarah a.k.a ‘Closet Science Nerd!

What a fab idea! You’re in the draw to win. Good luck!

I would love to use this cookbook in preparing meals for my parents (both in their eighties) for whom I do the cooking. They have a number of health issues and take quite a bit of medication. The AIP recipes would help me to serve them delicious food without saying anything about changing their diet. Hopefully it would help mitigate some of the effects of their medications and raise their overall energy and sense of well-being. And, as I eat with them, it would be really good for me as well… Thanks for spreading the word!.

Hi Kerry!

A 3-for-1 deal… Let’s see what we can do! Good luck in the draw.

I have been following the AIP for a few years, recently I fell off the wagon in a big way and am having a really hard time getting back to it, some yummy new recipes and meal plans would be very motivating

Hi Joanna. Great site – thank you! I have Graves’ Disease and am willing to go to great lengths to get my health back on track, as well as improving the health of my husband and two kids. I have a young family and a comprehensive AIP resource with family friendly recipes would be an absolute God send. I am not working due to my health issues and so cannot afford the recipe book at this time, so I thought I would give this a go! Thanks again. Best regards, Linda 🙂

Hi Linda – Welcome and best of luck for the giveaway!

So glad I found you via Pheonix Helix. I too have HS. Even in the paleo-sphere… I’ve never found another blogger with HS, other than Primal Girl (Tara Grant). I love Paleo Mom, Sarah’s blog is my go to when I have question or doubts on this healing process. I’m stoked about this new book!

Hi Cristina! GREAT to meet another AIP/HS ‘warrior’ and blogger. That Eileen – she’s GORGEOUS! Thanks for stopping by!

Word is slowly spreading about how diet and lifestyle changes can help mitigate the huge & unspeakable awfulness that is HS, I think.

Tara and Sarah have been instrumental in me changing my life for the better.

Two months ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Since then I have been on the AIP diet, but because of ease, and making sure I stay on track, I am basically eating meat and 3 veggies or salad for breakfast, lunch and tea. I am so ready to progress to tasty recipes that I know will keep me on track, and these books look perfect.
Thank you for the opportunity

Hi Debbie – you’re in the giveaway draw! And, good luck!

Hi Joanna,

I’ve been trying to heal my body for the last 7 years, when I was initially diagnosed with PCOS. Finally I had an answer to the random and crazy things happening to me. Unfortunately, I suffered a major setback 6 years ago when I had a head on collision on my way home from work, in Mosman of all places.
In a matter of 4 months, I piled on 35 kilos which have stuck with me from lack of being active like I used to be.
Since then, I have now been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and insulin resistance. I am only 40 now, and this accident has completely altered my life course. I had been married for a little over a year at the time, and we were planning on having children. That dream is pretty much gone now, unless a miracle happens.
During my time trying to heal myself, I came across Mickey Trescott and the AIP lifestyle. I managed to follow it for a while, and felt like my body was starting to heal from inside out.
Then we had another setback. My husband, who is our main breadwinner, and who’s away 14-16 hours a day for work, collapsed from exhaustion in October 2014. He broke two ribs, one right near his spine. Everything went out the window during that stressful period, and I haven’t been able to commit to being back on track with AIP.

This year, I made a decision to announce, to my family and friends on facebook, that I would follow this through. Making it public to hold me accountable. But I need help.
So winning this recipe book give away would give me the boost I need to start again. I don’t have the finances to be able to sign up to programs, etc. I am on my own.

Sorry for my long winded post, but the reason why I felt the need to share my story is because most people look at me and see a fat person. That is hard to take when I used to be a healthy size 8, that surfed and danced every day, and really enjoyed life, to someone that looks very different, and who had to struggle to walking even for 90 seconds at a time.

Regardless of whether I win, I want to thank you for putting up your great recipes, so that I can make small changes to my diet every day. I love following your facebook page too.


Hi Danielle – thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a rough time.

First things first, you’re in the draw! Good luck.

Second, Mickey will be in Sydney (we hope) in early April. She’ll be holding events (and I’ll keep you posted as I find out more). I’m sure she’d love to meet you.

I hope you are receiving support from your nearest and dearest – in my experience, success with the protocol is so much easier to achieve with a great support network.

Best, Jo

Thanks so much Joanna.

Great to hear that Mickey is coming out here. I look forward to hearing more about it.

I’m lucky that my husband is very supportive, but being away from home so long each day does mean I’m pretty much doing it on my own, as I’m prepping meals solo every day, and almost every meal.

It’s hard with the adrenal fatigue to get motivated to follow through. But I’m determined that this is the year that I discover the new me.

Thanks for taking the time to bring us a great website, and recipes.


Hi Jo,
I’d love a copy. My AIP journey has been an amazing boost since Western medicine and I seem to be incompatible these days. I could use a boost with this glorious looking book, though; seem to have fallen into a bit of a rut – food wise and recovery wise.

Thank you for your wonderful positive attitude, recipes and advice. Much appreciated!

cheers, Jane

Hey lovely Jane! It IS a glorious book.

Thank YOU, Possum!

Good luck in the draw.

Hi Joanna,

I saw this book in the office and was so jealous! It looks like the perfect set of recipes and meal plans to start off the new year!

Thanks, Joanna!

Hi Alyson!

– I suspect I know JUST which office this was (and it may just have been a Chrissie pressie from a certain sister)

Good luck in the draw!

I would love to win this book so I would have more incentive to FINALLY try AIP for my hashimotos, rosacea and fibromyalgia.

Hi Sophia – whether you win the book (and I wish you luck!) or not, I encourage you to give the protocol a good go to help mitigate your autoimmune symptoms. It has proven life changing for so many.

Hi Joanna

Inspiration and simplicity .. this book is for ALL of the family not just ME. The photos make the food look so tasty and extremely tempting to make. I would love this book then I could share it with my friends (non-AIPers and AIPers).

GREAT idea, Donna.

Good luck in the giveaway…

I would love to win this book as I’m so overwhelmed about starting AIP. I find I make such boring meals and get bored easily that I end up ‘cheating’ more often than not. So difficult!

Wow – Joy, you just slipped in before the giveaway ended!

Hi, I have just been told that I should go on an AIP diet because of an autoimmune condition. I am finding it all quite overwhelming and don’t really know where to start. I am a single parent with 2 kids and work full time and need to get my head around how to do this and keep the kids happy without having to cook 2 meals every night. This book would be really helpful to get me started. Thanks

Hi Simone – it can be a little overwhelming at first.

Unfortunately, the giveaway ended last week. Having said that, I do recommend the Healing Kitchen for a practical resource – both in terms of getting your head around the basics of AIP and for some great, easy recipe ideas.

Of course, if you’d like some help by way of one-on-one coaching, I’m here!

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