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The Hiatus is (Finally) Officially Over…

A special friend of TSLTaken at Culburra Beach, January 2013 (Image by TSL)
A special friend to TSL
Taken in paradise at Culburra Beach, January 2013
(Image by TSL)

If there’s one thing I discovered since I came back from hiatus, it’s that you can’t go backwards. (Trey Anastasio)

Trey may be right in that you can’t go backwards, but you can certainly try to hold onto the feeling for as long as possible… And, that’s my excuse for not posting sooner. Apologies. But, I’m here now!

It’s been a pretty fab’ e x t e n d e d break involving a trip to NZ for Christmas with friends and family, followed by a fortnight at the wonderful Culburra Beach with some of my favourite people in the world. And then, another trip to NZ for the wedding of a special mate…

A windy wedding on Waiheke...(Image by TSL)
A wonderful, windy wedding on Waiheke…
(Image by TSL)

And, in between all that activity, a little time for some navel gazing.

A man gazing on the stars is proverbially at the mercy of the puddles in the road. (Alexander Smith)

Last year in blog world was a wonderful time for me. I kind of launched myself into this blogging thing at the beginning of the year, completely unprepared for all the wonderful people I would meet along the way. (That’s you! – You know who you are…)

This year, I’m going to shake things up a little. First off, I will be posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the next wee while. (That’s Australia time, for those of you up north!) Perhaps, if the mood strikes, I may surprise you with an extra post here or there, but Wednesdays and Saturdays will be the norm.

Qantas Flight Over Sydney)(Source unknown)
Qantas Flight Over Sydney)
(Source unknown)

Next up, I’ve decided to tweak the focus of the content a wee bit. Since this blog is about ‘This Sydney Life’, this year I’ll still bring you design, art, good craft, food, fashion style and things with wee bit of a quirk factor. The difference is that I’ll focus more locally than globally – that is Sydney, with the wider Australia and New Zealand geographies thrown in for good measure. How does that sound?

Sydney Travel Poster(Source Unknown)
Sydney Travel Poster
(Source Unknown)

Armed with my trusty iPhone AND with the fabulous camera LM bought me (when I work out how to use it), I hope to keep you engaged with bits ‘n’ bobs from around Sydney-town and a little further afar…

Roll on 2013!

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Comments (16)

Welcome back looking forward to a 2013 of TSL Sydney! Missed you 🙂

Hello lovely BCD. Looking forward to catching up, my blog buddy.

Sounds good to me! Welcome back!

Cheers possum! It’s been a mighty fine break…

Sounds like a marvelous break, look forward to 2013! K

It was, K! AND I squeezed in two trips home… not bad, I reckon’.

Good to have you back – couldn’t star the new blogging year without you

Awww Crazy – bless your cotton socks! Are you freezing your you-know-whats off up there?

YES. YES. YES. You’ve been missed !! Welcome, back !! Say, I really dig your new focus for your TSL site, along with new camera. I’m jealous !! T.

Hi T – I’m a lucky girl with my new camera. But, I really have to learn how to use it. Have booked myself onto a beginners session for starters…

Hooray! I was beginning to think you were NEVER coming back!!!!!

I was merely lulling you into a false sense of security, SSFAM. I shall have to put aside some time to learn of your latest shenanigans… 🙂

Features on cool stuff Down Under? Please bring it! SO glad you’re back! X

Got to love a Waiheke Wedding.

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