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The ‘Man Chair’ Saga Continues…


You may recall a post I did back in July – yes, that’s 4 1/2 months ago now – on LM and the ‘Man Chair’ Saga. Well, LM’s new ‘Man Chair’ – the ever-so-beautiful Wikkelso V11 Easy Chair and Footstool arrived this afternoon. Minus the footstool. It seems it was too much for them both to be delivered at the same time…

Despite this, I gotta’ say, the chair is GORGEOUS! Bella thinks so, too.

Bella Bear in Papa Bear's Chair
Bella Bear in Papa Bear’s Chair
(Image by TSL)

Who’s been sitting in MY chair…? (Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

Fortunately, LM is away for the week, so hopefully the complete ‘Man Chair’ package will be in situ for him when he arrives home.

One of the last things he said before departing was “When my Man Chair arrives, tell the dog it’s not her chair”. I don’t think she was listening…

Update: Great Dane Furniture have sent the footstool by courier. The ‘Man Chair’ saga is concluded in time for LM’s return…

Happy snap of the Wikkelso V11 Easy Chair AND Footstool
Happy snap of the Wikkelso V11 Easy Chair AND Footstool
(Image by TSL)

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Comments (14)

Someone better tell Bella – it’s not hers, it’s his!

She has a very good eye, Crazy – and, she considers everything ‘hers’.

That chair is beautiful! I think LM may have a hard time fighting Bella for it, though. Wonderbutt would sure like that chair a lot!

I dunno – he looks pretty comfy on your couch! Besides, Bella eats boy dogs for breakfast when they are competing for attention. (She can be a stroppy cow!)

I am looking forward to taking up residence, it looks mighty fine.

Still, I don’t think I will have to share my chair with Bella when you are on the couch. It wouldn’t matter if the chair was made from the feathers of angels wings, Bella would still prefer your lap. Wishing I was in that chair now ….

We would rather you were home, too. 🙂

I think LM may have to make do with the foot stool, I think Bella has definitely taken residence, especially with her own matching cushion!:-)

Isn’t the cushion fab? I saw it at Macleay on Manning and HAD to get it!

She looks like she OWNS IT!! You’re lucky Bella doesn’t shed.. does she? We know who’s taken over our couch when we see these little white hairs.. :/

No, she doesn’t shed. But, LM is probably quite right – if I am on the couch, Bella is more likely to be with me than with him.

That Bella cushion is a nice touch- when LM sees Bella in the chair, you say “Silly! That’s just a cushion” just fill Bella in on the plan or it could be ugly.

THAT cushion was purchased so LM has his own puppy on his Man Chair! Thank you for noticing.

I am jealous of both your beautiful chair and your beautiful dog! The leather looks gogeeeouuus!

You wanna’ feel, LTPA? It is so yummy!

It’s hard not to love Bella.

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