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The One About Housekeeping (and Some Gratitude!)…

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(Image from here)

I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again. (Joan Rivers)

A two-pronged post today. A wee bit of an administrative update. And then, some gratitude. From me to you…

First up – administration…

I had my Mum visiting from New Zealand last week. She came without Dad, which was unusual. But it did provide a different dynamic. Funny how that happens.

We had a lovely time. Like my Dad, Mum’s a fan of the blog. Only she’s not quite as confident with technology as he is. She mentioned that sometimes she finds it difficult to find recipes that she remembers from earlier posts. So, I’ve added a recipe index page. All my recipes are now listed in one convenient spot so you don’t have to go hunting for them.

You can access them through the TSL Recipe Vault link at the top of the page.

And then, because I was on a bit of a roll with the recipe index AND because TSL is now in its third year, I thought perhaps a page of my most popular posts ever may be in order… Just in case you’re interested!

Some of these are remarkably consistent in their popularity. Jamie’s lamb shanks post STILL gets more hits than any other. Unsurprising really – his recipes just work. And, Luke’s osso buco isn’t far behind. It’s still LM’s preferred go-to recipe (especially as we hurtle towards winter down here in the southern hemisphere). But, the very talented Dan Golden and his ‘Positive Energy’ remains a favourite, too. Just goes to show that clever humour is always in style…

If you’d like to know what people keep coming back to, check out my TSL’s Greatest Hits page link at the top of the page. I’ll keep this page updated as the landscape changes. Checking out some of the older posts made me a touch nostalgic..

And now, for some gratitude…

Something’s going right here in TSL land. Numbers are up – almost double in under a month – and I’m having fun sharing more foodie-oriented musings. Especially at the moment on this crazy caper that is the Autoimmune Protocol.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to you for your support in continuing to check in here with such regularity. It makes writing my posts so much fun – especially when you comment (or e-mail or call).

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude. (A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh)

I’ve made so many wonderful connections through this wee blog. This blogging escapade has opened up a whole new world of interesting and supportive people around the globe. And, every day it is different.

You just never know who’s going to swing by.

And I owe it to you. So – again – thank you. Please don’t stop!

On a personal note…

I’m studying this year.

This interest in how diet (and lifestyle) impacts on my health has become a bit of a passion for me. As I pick my way through all that I’m learning and try on different theories to see what resonates most, I’m posting some of the articles that are of particular interest onto my This Sydney Life Facebook wall. There are some common themes – mostly around gut health and auto-immunity, but the way the food pyramid is failing us also features! If that sounds like it may be something that tickles your fancy, I’d love for you to swing by and check it out. Please don’t be shy about ‘liking’ the page, either!

Well, that’s all for today. Regular transmissions will resume later this week!

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Comments (9)

Brava You! I’ve got to get around to doing a menu, I can’t find things, let alone any interested new blogger. Enjoy your studies 🙂

Thanks, my blogging buddy.

I am enjoying the study – finally feel like I may be successful in identifying my ‘second career’… (Fingers crossed, anyway!)

Well done to you like your mutha I too find technology a little challenging but follow your blog enthusiastically, arohanui from the sister of your father.

Back at you, my father’s sister!

Hey – we’re moving next week. Wish us luck!

My goodness. You’ve shifted from design to food/diet while I’ve been gone! Your recipes look delicious. That food thing is so addicting, isn’t it??

And isn’t it the beauty of blogging? You can write whatever you please 🙂

Hi J – Long time, no see! How are you all the way over there?

The ‘food thing’ is addicting. Even more so now that I’m coupling it with the ‘health thing’! Its a funny old world!

All OK here – just busy and managing some family issues. Blogging is always the first thing to fall off my plate 🙂

Hope to stick around for a bit and actually get a few posts out!

We have v v sporting son.Upon leaving to take him to a tennis tournament in Chch, I rustled up to slowly cook a leg of lamb with morsels of vegetables intertwined for G – which last him a night, day and night…. I received a thank you text later that evening – ‘That meal was unbelievable!’ Love staying in tune with your journey. Kxx

Woop! There’s something about a Kiwi’s love of a leg of lamb, K.

I enjoy our wee interactions, too!

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