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The One About Kiwiana, Shane Hansen & Coffee


There are some things Kiwis do really well. The most obvious one – to most of the western world, at least – is produce pretty great rugby players. I’m talking about you Dan, Richie, Mils, Piri and the rest. Kiwis are not too shabby at yachting, either. New Zealand has won the America’s Cup a couple of times. Thanks to Peter Jackson and his team in Wellington, New Zealand is building a reputation for movie-making (think the Lord of the Rings trilogy). I could go on (I’m a Kiwi, after all) but, I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about Kiwiana.

Kiwiana: [ˌkiːwɪˈɑːnə] pl n collectable objects and ornaments relating to the history or popular culture of New Zealand

New Zealand has a long history of producing collectable objects – from souvenirs to fine art that reflects popular local culture. One of the best examples I can think of is the Buzzy Bee™.

The original Buzzy Bee™

The Buzzy Bee™ is New Zealand’s most famous children’s toy. This brightly coloured, wooden pull-along toy has been handed down from generation to generation and is now regarded as a major New Zealand icon. There would be few New Zealanders that don’t remember playing with this charming little toy in their youth. I certainly had one.

Buzz‘ by Shane Hansen
acrylic, wood gel, glass paint, foil, lacquer and wax on hoop pine plywood
(Image sourced from here)

Shane Hanson is an artist who captures the Kiwiana spirit for me – albeit at a pretty high-end. In his own words, his creations “spring from a world of bold colours and optimistic clarity, a pop-art invitation to a feel-good New Zealand celebration“. Shane is of Māori, Chinese, Danish and Scottish descent, which is reflected in his art as he navigates his way on a journey of cultural discovery. I reckon’ he also has a great sense of humour.

Check out some of his work:

Pania, Boy & Friendly Rua‘ by Shane Hansen
limited edition screen prints on 70s wallpaper
(Image sourced from here)
Me & Chuck‘ by Shane Hansen
acrylic & lacquer on custom wood
(Image sourced from here)
Mad Cow Series – Denise‘ by Shane Hansen
Limited Edition giclee print on archival card
(Image sourced from here)

Now, we’re getting to the real reason I wanted to introduce you to Shane Hansen and his Kiwiana-oriented art… LM and I are pretty serious about our coffee here in our wee corner of the world. We have a pretty fab’ coffee machine (a spiffy Bezzarra Domus Galatea, which almost requires a pilot’s licence to drive it, just in case you’re interested). We’ve been known to take our coffee machine on holiday with us. Truly.  I am simply not worth talking to until I’ve had my first caffeine injection of the day.

So, imagine an object that combines the pop-culture of Kiwiana with my love of good-quality coffee…? Here it is, the oh-so-very-gorgeous Harikoa Vibiemme Coffee Machine!

Harikoa Vibiemme Coffee Machine
Limited edition of 3 only
(Image sourced from here)

Shane Hansen has teamed up with Valente Machinery and launched this series of limited edition Vibiemme Domobar Super espresso machines. These beauties combine the best in Italian coffee machines with the best of Kiwiana.  The artwork expresses the love of home, love of lifestyle, love of beautiful things and of course, the love of coffee. Each machine in this edition of three, is signed by the artist and numbered. If you’re a coffee freak and an art lover, then this baby has your name written all over it!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, harikoa means ecstasy, to be uplifted, euphoric. Exactly how one should feel after a great coffee!

It’s a steal at NZ$5,500 + P&P! (That’s about US$4,430 or GBP2,737 not including the postage!) <gasp!>

Should you decide you just have to have one of these wee things of beauty, can I suggest you hot-foot it to my favourite source of all thing Kiwiana online –  They’ll look after you. Of that, I have no doubt!

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Comments (17)

Love love love the screen print. I also may need to revert to childhood and get a buzzy bee, for my nephew of course!!!!!

‘Denise From Accounts’ is just one in a series. There’s also ‘Hello – My Name is Derek’ (a cow called Derek – she must have gender issues!) and a kinda’ kooky green print called ‘Yum’.

Buzzy Bees are for all ages, BCD!

Hey TSL Girl, couldn’t find your name anywhere. I just want to say THANKS for the plug on your fab blog! I have just got back from a month in Japan and am catching up on things downunder. I was wondering whether you could help me out…I sell a bit of my work to peeps in Australia, but don’t have a physical spae showing my work. Be keen to get some possible contacts on spaces in Sydney that might like to show my art. Much appreciated and love, Shane

Now that machine would blow the budget. 😀

That Buzzy Bee looks awfully familiar. Did they make it to the States?

I would be very surprised if they didn’t. They’re pretty iconic.

Love this post! I’m a big Shane Hansen fan! I really want the pania boy and friendly rua : )

Happy you enjoyed it, TNG. I’d like Denise!

Love the Charlie Brown. I like the way your posts go beyond the design by adding culture.

Love this post! That coffee machine is a beauty but crazy pricey… and only 3 available? That bee toy is a must buy for my nephew… I will need to look it up 🙂

I remember the Buzzy Bee, I think ours passed between all our cousins and who knows how many years it actually lasted 🙂

Possibly have a couple of things at home that could be classed as Kiwiana, received a beautiful hand carved Koru with Paua shell embedded as a wedding present which hangs on our wall and I love it!

That good old Buzzy Bee… iconic!

It’s funny how much more I appreciate Kiwiana now that I live in Australia, 2BD. Your Paua Koru sounds as though it definitely falls under the ‘Kiwiana’ banner. 🙂

wow, that is amazing! Love the print. I love the block maori prints, they’re so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Hey ADFW – I’m with you on the graphic nature of Maori art prints. Just lovely.

Aww I love this post because it made me homesick in the best possible way. Kiwis are definitely crafty and produce some amazing things. Thanks for sharing! x

Hi Kimberley – thanks for dropping in. Happy you enjoyed the post 🙂

Really enjoyed having a squizz at your post on the dreaded – for me, anyway – self promotion

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