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The One About ‘Piece Gallery’ at Matakana…

'Kiwi' by Jeff Thomson
‘Kiwi’ by Jeff Thomson
Screenprinted corrogated iron
(Image from Piece Gallery)

A wee bit excited here at Casa TSL because this morning I’m off to New Zealand to catch up with some good friends for a girls weekend in Matakana. With the weather turning (in quite a major fashion, from what I understand), I have visions of lots of great conversation in front of the fire and a few glasses of good Central Otago pinot… Bring it on, I say!

I love the Matakana region. It’s just a hop, skip and jump from Auckland and full of galleries, wineries, eating spots and a great sculpture walk. One of my favourite spots is the Piece Gallery, located bang smack in the village.

Emma Haughton opened her gallery in August 2007, to showcase New Zealand Object Art. The gallery has over 60 New Zealand artists work represented predominantly in the disciplines of Ceramics, Glass and Jewellery. One of the girls I will be away with is mad-keen on ceramics. Personally, I lean more to glass and contemporary jewellery. I think we’ll both be happy with a visit to the gallery.

These are a few of the pieces that jumped out at me from the gallery’s catalogue. Let me now what you think…

'Green Cellular Leaf ' by Stephen Bradbourne
‘Green Cellular Leaf ‘ by Stephen Bradbourne
hot worked & kiln formed glass. approx 35cm in length.
Green Cellular Leaves - detail - by Stephen Bradbourne hot worked, kiln formed & cold worked glass (Images from Piece Gallery)
Green Cellular Leaves – detail – by Stephen Bradbourne
hot worked, kiln formed & cold worked glass
(Images from Piece Gallery)
Moth Brooches by Lisa West
Moth Brooches by Lisa West
Sterling Silver
I am jumping out of my skin about these brooches. My Mum bought me one and I managed to lose it. Perhaps I can find a sister piece…?
(Image from Piece Gallery)
'Edged Vessel' by Ainsley
‘Edged Vessel’ by Ainsley O’Connell
(Image from Piece Gallery)
Inlaid Stones by John Edgar
Inlaid Stones by John Edgar
granite & glass greywacke & glass
(Image from Piece Gallery)
'Red Orb' - detail - by Graham Ambrose
‘Red Orb’ – detail – by Graham Ambrose
Red Orbs by Graham Ambrose
Red Orbs by Graham Ambrose
Various sizes available
One ceramicist I particularly love…
(Images from Piece Gallery)
tape measure bangle and ring by Joanna Campbell
tape measure bangle and ring by Joanna Campbell
oxidised silver numbers, available in gold plate
(image from Piece Gallery)
'Kete' by Jeff Thomson
‘Kete’ by Jeff Thomson
Corrogated iron
Jeff Thomson is an iconic NZ sculptor. More of his work can be seen here.
A kete is a traditional Māori basket, usually woven out of flax
(Image from Piece Gallery)

Piece Gallery ships internationally and (the best bit) is that given the value of the Kiwi dollar, you almost always feel you’re getting a hefty discount when shopping with the Aussie dollar, the greenback or the pound. That is a pretty good reason to shop, I reckon…

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Comments (22)

Have a fantastic trip, TSL! I’ve never been to that part of NZ, but your description sounds so great, I have added it to my list for next time. And I LOVE the sound of the Piece Gallery – right up my street too. Sounds like it could be a dangerous shopping time – lucky the exchange rate is good! Have a fantastic time with your mates & safe home. I’m off to look at their website now… 🙂

PS, I would like ALL of the Joanna Campbell cuffs, please. Amazing!

Sparks – if you ever do plan a trip to that part of NZ, let me know. It’s a lovely wee corner of the world.

I did pick up a Lisa West brooch, but I just couldn’t decide which Joanna Campbell cuff to get for you…

Have a lovely weekend with your gal friends…. I love the tactile nature of Green Cellular Leaves – detail – by Stephen Bradbourne. V nice.

…and, even more impressive in reality, K. It’s a great gallery.

I’ll take one of the Kiwis and a few red orbs 🙂 Have a safe and happy time in NZ!

Sadly, no kiwis were on display, 2BDs. There was a rather fine looking rooster…

What a shame, but roosters can be rather fine 🙂

Have a fab time, am loving the vessel vase! 🙂 hopefully you did not spend up too big at the pottery barn so you can make a few kiwi purchases;-)

Aside from a wee dent at Williams Sonoma, my money was safe, BCD. I was not that inspired, to be honest.

Pice, on the other hand, offered many tempting works…

Enjoy your trip, gosh I’m so jealous of New Zealand! And the moth brooches too – I hope you will manage to find one. They look fabulous. Oh, how I adore thehadicraft of wood!

Hi Layyla – I DID pick up a moth brooch!

Again – SOOOO jealous!! I think I just should go to some fabulous hand-made jewellery fair and some pictures to you in return 🙂

Isn’t he gorgeous. I adore Jeff Thomson’s work

Happy travels, the NZ triennial is on soon so you may get a very heavy dose of art in that part of the world. Cheers Sue

Just Piece Gallery on that trip, Sue. We didn’t even make it to the sculpture walk! Too much chatting/pinot drinking going on…

Loving the Kiwi and the inlaid stones.

Jeff Thomson is a bit of an icon, isn’t he? I love his work.

Love hearing about all things NZ on TSL! And those moth brooches are divine.

What beautiful and varied pieces- we’ll have to stop by on our next trip home! Thanks for the introduction.

Hey DW! Thanks for stopping by. Piece Gallery is well worth a visit – as is the sculpture walk at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail if you’re in the area! 🙂

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