The One Where TSL Has a Bad Blogging Hair Day…

Donald Trump Shares a Bad Hair Day With TSL...(Image from here)
Donald Trump Shares a Bad Hair Day With TSL…
(Image from here)

Do you mind if I sit back a little? Because your breath is very bad. (Donald Trump)

A wee admission – with all the excitement of parental visits, Christmas fast approaching and ducted air-conditioning units being fitted here at Casa TSL, today’s post has fallen by the wayside.

Like ‘the Don’, I am having a bad blogging hair day.

Normal communications will resume tomorrow!


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Ha, in another spooky coincidence, am right there with you, TSL! 😉

That’s what my hair looks like most days!

Well, Sparks – I reasoned that it is my blog and I blog because I enjoy it, so if I’m not feeling the love for a day, don’t sweat it…

Soooo glad you are back, though. I miss your unique take on life.

I know how you feel..! Come back soon xx

Bless your cotton socks. 🙂

As we’ve had drizzly rain all day I’m the one having the bad hair – actually its almost a ‘fro!

I suffer the same fate in humid and/or drizzly weather. Bah humbug!

We all have bad blogging days, but yours is the funniest.

Jan – the poodle kept me company. She always makes me smile.

Whoa! Thanks for the giggle. (Yikes. I thought I was looking in a mirror!) Sending a bottle of L’Oréal hairspray your way “because you’re worth it.” Happy Holidays!! T.

Back at you, T-baby! I shall keep an eye out for my parcel… 🙂

Well side stepped. Hope the Airconditioning is good

I had to turn it off yesterday because I got cold!

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