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The Selvedge Calendar Countdown and Things Haberdashery…


So, almost every time I speak to my brother in New Zealand, he asks me how my ‘haberdashery‘ is progressing. To be honest, it has been pretty quiet of late. Not much progression at all. I have been a little remiss. But, yesterday the latest issue of Selvedge magazine arrived. Issue 49. The Evergreen issue.

Issue 49 of Selvedge Magazine
Issue 49 of Selvedge Magazine

On page 14, there is a countdown to Christmas with lots of good websites to check out. It sort of falls under the ‘haberdashery’ banner and I thought, for the benefit of those of you who don’t subscribe to the fabulous Selvedge mag’, I would give you a few ideas and pass on a few of those sites…

Gemini Grenat Cushion by Christan Lacroix at Designers Guild
Gemini Grenat Cushion by Christan Lacroix at Designers Guild
(Image from Designers Guild)

If you have been living under a rock and have never heard of Designers Guild, then this bit is for you: Established in 1970 by Tricia Guild, Designers Guild designs and wholesales furnishing fabrics, wall coverings, upholstery and bed and bath collections worldwide. The Designers Guild business philosophy is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality: quality of design, product, service and people. As ever, Designers Guild is known for its bold use of colour and pattern.

Rolleiflex T-Shirt, available exclusively at the V and A
Rolleiflex T-Shirt, available exclusively at the V and A Shop
(Image from VandA Shop)

The Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the world’s greatest museums of art and design has a wonderful online store. Its well worth a visit if you haven’t yet discovered it for yourself.

French Portrait Cushions from Le Grenier
French Portrait Cushions from Le Grenier
(Image from Le Grenier)

Based in my very own back yard, despite sounding trés French, Le Grenier (‘the attic’ in French) stocks old and new home-wares, antiques and brocante – French, farmhouse, faded, found or just fun.

These cushions were designed and made in France by internationally renowned designer Pascal Palun. A delightfully quirky way to include 18th century French portraiture in a modern interior.

Waterland Plate Decoupage by Little Owl Design for Terrain
Waterland Plate Decoupage by Little Owl Design for Terrain
(Image from Terrain)

With stores in Glen Mills, PA and Westport, CT, Terrain is a home-wares shop with many goodies on offer. The decoupage series by Little Owl is just one example of their wares – but it may be one of my favourites.

In their Altered Perspectives series, Little Owl Design juxtaposes visions of the past, by affixing vintage Dutch paintings to traditional European tableware. The result is a quirky, one-of-a-kind conversation piece, like this set smooth, red-and-white transfer-ware, printed with an idyllic picture of the English countryside and accented with textured waterscapes.

The Anta Chair for Plumo
The Anta Chair for Plumo
(Image from Plumo)

Bit of a teaser, really. The Anta chair from Plumo is a unique upholstered arm-chair finished with the most beautiful hand stitched quilted vintage fabrics, contrasting in colour and pattern. The shape based on a 1950’s design classic. Unfortunately, it is only available for shipping within the UK because of its weight.

Barbara Brown Doll from the Selvedge Drygoods Store
Barbara Brown Doll by Sarah Strachan from the Selvedge Drygoods Store
(Image from Selvedge)

Finally, there is the ever-covetable dry goods store at Selvedge itself. It is such a beautiful store – full of high quality crafted good. Do check it out.

Sarah Strachan used to make creatures for film, tv and theatre, often freelancing for Jim Henson’s creature shop in Camden, London. Sarah studied fine art sculpture at St Martins in London and the National School of Art and Design in Dublin. These gorgeous dolls depict various textile designers and are all hand painted and handmade.

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I very much like the Rolleiflex T-Shirt, G is a photographer – I might have to have a gander at V&A online store. Thank you K

Loved the Christan Lacroix cushion – hell I sound like Eddy from Ab Fab!

There’s nothing wrong with sounding like Eddy when it comes to Lacroix, Darling!

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