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The Tea Towel Edition


I have a bit of a thing for tea towels.  I like things that are functional yet have some sort of design aesthetic, especially if it makes me smile.  Tea towels are the perfect canvas for this.  What’s more, they’re usually inexpensive.

'My Kitchen is For Dancing' Tea Towel
Rachel Castle Tea Towel
Rachel Castle/Gorman
'Noice' Tea Towel
Modern Art Tea Towel
Modern Art by Craig Damrauer

(It’s clear, after selecting images for this post, that I favour tea towels with words!)

The thing about tea towels is that you don’t have to just use them for drying dishes…

Tea Towel Cushion by Morgan Wills
Tea Towel Softie

And my so-kitsche-it’s-cool personal tea towel favourite…

Suzie Stanford Tea Towel Chair
Suzie Stanford Tea Towel Chair (

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Comments (10)

What a fantastic post.
The tea towels with the words are great, but Wow, who knew you could do so much with them I am amazed. 😀

Bless you, Mags. Always positive, you!

These are great! I love the Rachel Castle one – would look great framed in the kitchen! 🙂

I reckon’ Rachel Castle is a very clever woman with a fabulous eye. Did you know she started out doing her felt art with her Mum?

“Put the love in the coconut” – had a good laugh at that! Love these – totally brilliant! Way to pretty to dry dishes with! I agree with JustALittleJoy – frame them! Lovely post.

Bless your cotton socks! 🙂

My kitchen is 100% percent for dancing – I think I need one of these! So. darned. cute!

Mine, too! Glad you like them. 🙂

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