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The Very Graphic Style of Thomas Paul


Have you met the oh-so-talented Thomas Paul yet?  If not, go pop your head in to his gorgeous emporium of pillows, bedding, kitchen & dining accessories, and – my favourite, which will come as no surprise to those who know me – scarves.

I’m seriously lusting after one of Mr Paul’s animal print numbers.  Which one would you choose…?

There are these divine cotton voile scarves (with dimensions of 20″ X 75″):

or, there are these more monochromatic numbers (with a more generous 40″ X 80″ size):

Thomas Paul is a born ‘n’ bred New Yorker. He kicked off his fashion career in the mid-nineties after graduating from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Textile Design. He started as an intern at DKNY. Then, while working as a colorist and designer for a silk mill specialising in neckwear and scarves, he worked on neckwear collections for designers like Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, and DKNY. This eventually led to the creation of his own neckwear collection, digities, in the late 90′s. All of this created the foundation for his current range of home accessories.

He continues to expand his ideas, so I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next…

You can check out more of Thomas Paul’s designs here.

(All images sourced from here).

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Comments (18)

I choose the lion, they are great. Loving your fan finds too Miss ! 🙂

Meant to say fab finds- damn predictive text!

My brain often works faster than my typing fingers, BCD. Got it!

Mutual blog bliss!! 🙂

I love the second one – for the colour & for the rhino (I think?!) that appears to be wearing pyjamas… Happy Friday!

A rhino in his PJs. Love that idea! 🙂

Happy Friday to you, too.

Great tip!! For the love of distractions, I just spent 35 minutes on the website. Yes, Mr. Paul is very talented! I’m now “jonesing” for one of his shower curtains. I love the orange elephant! Theadora

Isn’t it amazing? I love the elephant shower curtain, too. Serious case of lust (and wishing we had a bath to hang it around/over!)

Very nice how the scarves are done with the animals, I love these. 😀

Hi Mags – I know you are an animal lover, so am happy you enjoyed these. Have a great weekend up in Q’land. 🙂

Gorgeous! I love the monochromatic ones! Kinda like the giraffe 🙂 These are great!

You are such a loyal blog buddy – you like everything I post about. It’s very uplifting. 🙂

I’m a Leo so i’ll take #1. it’s a scarf though? For someone who worked at DKNY and Calvin Klein, he sure uses alot a colour!

#1 it is, then! Yes, you make a good point, M. It is quite graphic and block-colour, though.

You find the most amazing stuff! I want it all!

I have a girlfriend who says the same thing. It’s a wonderful thing to read – and the primary reason that I blog here. Cheers, 2BD! 🙂

Oeee, LOVE these! How to choose?! Mmm, rhino. No, lion… no, no, tiger. Tiger.

Am not surprised you have a soft spot for these, Ms Africa! 🙂

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