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The VW Campervan Tent almost makes me want to go camping…


It’s almost enough to make a confirmed city-girl like me consider camping…

You’ll be the envy of all your camping (and non-camping) buddies when you whip this wee beauty out.


  1. 1:1 Scale – exactly the same size as the original VW Campervan and officially licensed by VW.
  2. 2 large double rooms, separated by zips. Will sleep 4 adults.
  3. Opening doors in the same style as the original campervan.
  4. Inner compartments that separate via fly sheet doors.
  5. A choice of 3 colours – blue, red or green.

If you decide you would like one of these beauties, or if you’d like to learn more, get thee to where, upon payment of the very reasonable price of £299.99 you can have the VW Campervan Tent delivered to your door! So much cheaper than the original!

Sadly, it doesn’t feature a flush loo or a shower, the two primary reasons this blogger may not rush out to purchase her own VW Campervan Tent.

(All images sourced from here)

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Comments (24)

Brilliant!!! I only started camping for the kids…..and I grin and bare it! The best part is actually sleeping in the tent – and this one would be slick!

You would definitely be the hippest chick at the campsite, S! 🙂 (not that you don’t already hold that title, of course!)

Yes! Well, the last I checked there was no such thing as being too hip! Is there? 🙂

Hi, what a funny idea for tenting! 🙂

Well, howdy B. Thanks for stopping by. I thought so, too! 🙂

They are great aren’t they…. brings a whole new meaning to Glamping!!! 🙂

Now there’s a word I am going to adopt – GLAM-ping. Love it 🙂

This is too awesome for words. LOVE.

I know, Lou! Fun aren’t they? 🙂

I love it. 😀

Most excellent, Mags! I reckon’ it looks pretty rad’ (70’s speak?), too… 🙂

This is hysterical! Very clever!

Glad you like it, WIM2S. Not sure it is Wonderbutt-proof…? 🙂

And especially suited for those with a great nostalgia for our VW camper vans in the 70sL)

No shower, no toilet… I am not sold on camping but this is cute to give… as a gift!

Same goes for me – it looks cute, but would need a few more comforts of home to get me camping!

I wonder if there’s a business opportunity here for us, girls…? 🙂

How clever.

My camping days over as well. Too many memories of tents flooded in the rain and waking in a puddle. I’ll bet this one isn’t rain proof either….

We aim to please, BH! Thanks for popping in. 🙂

I’m not sure it would convince me I love camping, but I did think it was very cool, too! 🙂

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