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Too Many Balls in the Air…

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Do three things well, not ten things badly. (David Segrove)

What with trying to squeeze all my worldly goods into a new smaller home (frankly, it’s not going to happen! I have too much stuff), AND keeping up with the study, AND a commitment I made to myself to get back on track with the Autoimmune Protocol (now on day 10), there hasn’t been much blog activity here in TSL land. Apologies.

I’ll be back on track soon. Promise.

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Comments (9)

Good luck with the culling … 🙂

Oh dear – but I guess while you continue, even if it’s one item a day, you’re making progress! 🙂

As Thoreau said, “Simplify, simplify.” It’s easy to let our stuff rule our lives.

Ha! In my case, easier said than done!

I hear you! I’m going through a big transition, too. Let’s catch up this week or next when we’re finally back on track! Good luck with it all. 🙂

Thanks, lovely J. How are you settling in back home?

I feel your pain TSL. Since April life has been a little crazy, we’re renovating at home and at work we’re still moving through a restructure (at sloth pace) which has me considering study again. Keeping up with my photography, blogging and reading has been extremely difficult.

One step at a time…good luck!

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