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TSL est en vacances…

French Finger Puppet
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Boy, those French. They have a different word for everything. (Steve Martin)

Hard to believe the trip to Paris and London is finally here, but it is! I’ll be off-line for four weeks while LM and I tootle around the city of light and old London-town for a while.

Please keep my seat warm for me until I return, and if I get the opportunity I’ll post some happy snaps of the journey…

Au revoir, my blogging buddies!

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Comments (26)

Have a lovely trip! I will miss you!

WIM2S – so, did ya’?

How are Dimples and Wonderbutt and the Captain and – of course – YOU??? I shall take this week to catch up on all the goings on…

I sure did! I hope you had a wonderful time, though!

Sharon Lewandowski


Hi Sharon – we are back and it was fab’! 🙂

Glad to hear it – I’m guessing it will be a distant memory when the rigours of the IB take hold – being a double HSC veteran myself….haha

Enjoy, will miss you! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back !

LOTS of inspiration was had, BCD. I wish I could have had oodles and oodles of cash (but then I would have nowhere to put all the spoils!)

I know… always the way, Just means you have to go back!!

the curtain raiser

Bon Voyage et Vaccances!

Enjoy it! Those are the most beautiful place I’ve ever visit (besides Rome of course) 🙂

…and Florence …and Positano …and Marlborough Sounds …and the Whitsundays …and the Maldives …and, and and!!!

Bon Voyage mon ami, my little girl is off to London & Paris in Dec. please keep both cities warm for her and leave some stock in the boutiques. Safe travels!

Done! PLENTY of stock left (although a small dent was made!)

Welcome back Syd! Just left Sydney and a weekend of Sculpture by the Sea and made a nice dent in your city too. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures. Cheers

Bon Voyage, have a fab time and take lots of pictures

Cheers Crazy. I’m afraid I have a genetic flaw. I carry a camera and forget to record the moment. It’s an inherited trait… Bugger!

that’s a very cute image! have a wonderful time!

Visit lots of galleries, I know you will!

Anarty – it’s impossible to see them all. We didn’t even really make a dent.

I missed your departure but here’s to a wonderfully, fabulous holiday overseas. Safe journey and happy shopping 🙂

2BD – Cheers Possum. Now back to reality after a lovely trip. Good to be home.

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