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TSL est toujours en vacances

No introduction required…
(Image by TSL)

Paris is always a good idea. (Audrey Hepburn)

Bonjour TSL readers! A wee post from not-so-sunny Paris where LM and I are enjoying our last couple of days before crossing the channel…

Some observations:

1. Raspberries are so much better here than at home. I have been scoffing them at a rate of knots. I can’t express how much I love them. Seriously yummy!

2. Despite not speaking any French (beyond the extreme basics), LM has mastered the art of Gallic posturing and shoulder shrugs. He’s a natural. Who would’ve thunk it? Quite endearing, really.

3. Sydney would be a better city with a Metro like the one in Paris. No question.

4. Sometimes, (like today) I wish you could pick a new pair of feet when it feels like you have worn your old ones out. All this walking wears a girl out!

…and, some happy snaps as promised. I am not known for my photography skills, and more often than not forget to take pictures (its hereditary) so, apologies in advance!:

Hermes Flagship
Hermes Flagship Store in Paris
Formerly a public swimming pool, now a super luxe example of how Hermes gets it right. Wow!
(image by TSL)
Louis Vuitton Flagship
Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Paris
Looking up at the most amazing atrium in the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysees (& MJ, he didn’t buy the boat shoes!)
(Image by TSL)
A La Mere de Famille
A La Mere de Famille
The very lovely Heather from Secrets of Paris introduced us to ‘Les Folies de L’Ecureuil’ (the misadventures of the squirrel) from this fabulous chocolate shop. Yummo!
(Image by TSL)
The Thinker at Musee Rodin
Musee Rodin
One of my very favourite places to visit in Paris
(Image by TSL)
Mayhem and the Mona Lisa
The most famous painting in the world…
What I imagine an average day in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre looks like
(Image by TSL)
Museum of Decorative Arts
Museum of Decorative Arts
…and right next door to the Louvre, gorgeous tapestries (among other things) from the 15th Century can be seen with nobody else in the room… Go figure!
(Image by TSL)
A dinner of snails, anyone…?
(Image by TSL)
On the Pont de l’Archeveché
LM being mysterious and interesting
(Image by TSL)
The Padlocks of Pont de l’Archeveché
(Image by TSL)

Do hope you are all well at your end. I shall try and pop in again from London.

A bientôt

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Comments (14)

Looks like you are having a lit of fun…. very jealous, look forward to the London Post

Sorry BCD – unlike the highly efficient Sparks, I never got around to a London post. Too busy walking… and walking… and walking… and eating! How are you?

All good here! Are you back in the land down under? Welcome back you have been missed! I thought you had decided to move into the shops in Paris! It seems like you have been gone ages!

We are back! Had a ball – London exceeded expectations (despite having lived there twice!) It was just lovely to visit again, but equally lovely to return home. Funny how travel can help you appreciate what you have…

It does feel like an age, doesn’t it? I have so much blog-reading to catch up on, BCD…

gorgeousness! Glad you’re loving it Syders!

It was fab’, M. Kinda’ good to be home, all the same. Lovely Sydney!

Fabulous! Looks like you are having a most wonderful time in Paris, I am jealous and happy for you at the same time 🙂

You’ve opened my eyes to a couple of sights that we never got around to experiencing and that chocolate shop will definitely be on the list for our next trip.

TBD – they have this fabulous nut & chocolate concoction known as squirrel food. It’s SO good…

Je suis tres …..mmm..shoulder shrug…jealous! Very sunny in Sydney, lots of snails but they are all free and rampant in the garden. Safe travels. Sue

Hey Sue! I see you and LM have both mastered the Gallic shrug…

We travelled safe and have returned to sunny Syders. Just lovely flying in over the harbour.

I’m with you on the Mona Lisa.

Hey Tricia – Cheers for stopping by. Crazy, huh?

J! Enjoy your holiday and please know you are missed! I hope you are having a super swell time! X

Bless your cotton socks, S! A super swell time was definitely had 🙂

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