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Urban Walkabout Launch Their Pop Up for Christmas…

(Image from here)
(Image from here)

So I rang up my local swimming baths. I said ‘Is that the local swimming baths?’ He said ‘It depends where you’re calling from. (Tim Vine)

There’s a great little group of passionate locals who established the very useful Urban Walkabout back in 2006.  They publish a series of free lifestyle guides featuring fashion, food and design destinations in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Their printed guides are a great way for locals and visitors alike to discover the best places to eat, drink, shop and more within a given area.

Urban Walkabout say it best: “Our printed guides include an illustrated map and business images and reviews that help direct readers to a carefully curated selection of boutiques, local artisans, galleries, designers, cafes, bars and restaurants in each location.”

And, best of all – you can pick them up for free.

This year, for the first time, Urban Walkabout have launched a new online pop up shop.   It’s a curated collection of unique product from local producers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – and, I think they’ve got some very cool wares on offer.

Wanna’ see some of my favourites?

Clem the Herringbone Koala
‘Clem’ The Herringbone Koala
Born and raised in Creswick, Victoria.
Clem is double stitched and lovingly constructed from offcuts salvaged from the local wool mill by the delightful toy maker, Robyn from Sillee Billee. He stands 23cm tall.
(Image from Urban Walkabout)
Rosso Forte's Spremuta scarf.
Rosso Forte Scarf ‘Spremuta’
I love me a scarf… This one is a rustic still life of fruit and assorted produce laid out in preparation. Bold citrus colours are contrasted with light and dark accents. Billowy, lightweight washed silk. Designed and handmade in Italy. It measures 140cm x 160 cm. GORGEOUS!
(Image from Urban Walkabout)
Baked Optimism Tin
Baked Optimism Tin
Created by artist Tara Daniel, this tin of Baked Optimism contains exceptionally cheerful baked beans. You can never have too much optimism. Or too many baked beans. I know a girl who loves her baked beans…
Also available in ‘Sliced Pessimism’ variety.
(Image from Urban Walkabout)
L’ascari Man Candle
L’ascari Man Candle
Mancandle is for every man. They apparently allow any man to be able to enhance his space be it at work or at home by being able to customise the scent of his environment with one or a combination of up to four sophisticated fragrances.
With a 27 hour burn time they come beautifully presented in a glass amber jar (height 6.5cm) with screw top lid and packaged in a rigid sliding box.
Fragrances available:
Sawdust – cedar wood & sandalwood paired with patchouli & musk.
Open field – think freshly cut grass & green leaves teamed perfectly with Australian fauna. Fresh just doesn’t cover it!
Old oak tree – a deep earthy fragrance combining oak, woods, amber & citrus fruit. “Smells like a hot man” – as overheard in the Urban Walkabout office.
Espresso – dark roasted coffee beans
(Image from Urban Walkabout)
InSync Roost Earrings
InSync Roost Earrings
These earrings by InSync are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel plated with 22 carat yellow matte gold. Each set comes boxed with details about the artist.
Iris Saar Isaacs is a Melbourne based design studio. InSync design studio maintains an independent approach to contemporary jewellery, whilst marrying industrial methods and materials.
(Image from Urban Walkabout)
Vintage Rubber Stamp Set from High Tea with Mrs Woo
Vintage Rubber Stamp Set from High Tea with Mrs Woo
Make your Christmas cards stand out this year! A great box set of vintage-style alphabet and number rubber stamps which make beautiful labels and gift tags. Buy them as a gift or use them to decorate your own. Includes a set of 20 blank gift tags.
Made in Korea (so not strictly local!). They make my ‘haberdashery’ tendencies go bananas!
(Image from Urban Walkabout)
Paper Potter Kit With Heirloom Seed Packs
Paper Potter Kit With Heirloom Seed Packs
I adore this concept! A clever and everlasting tool for pressing biodegradable seedling pots with newspaper. When seedlings are ready, plant them complete with the pot into the ground to avoid disturbing the roots. This beautiful kit includes heirloom seeds of beetroot and cauliflower varieties and paper strips so you are ready to get started straight away! This potter makes approximately 6 x 4.5cm pots.
(Image from Urban Walkabout)

Do go and check out all the offerings at the Urban Walkabout Pop Up here. Unfortunately, shipping is only available within Australia BUT, if you’re planning a visit to Sydney, Melbourne or Perth there’s also the free Urban Walkabout App which brings you a mobile version of the well-known and loved pocket-sized Urban Walkabout guides, to allow you to curate the city your way.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are some incredibly talented and creative people out there.

Yep – and I’m still trying to work out why I’m not one of them!!!

It’s good to see that though you’re a Kiwi you’ve learnt that it’s a koala and not a koala bear ! You could turn the Urban Walkabout thingummy into an app

Are koalas like drop bears…?

Kind of but drop bears are much more vicious , grrrr

I didn’t mean turn it into an app, I meant turn the app into an adventure, time for some coffee.

what a great range of products (go the beans!) 🙂

I do believe I had you in mind when I saw those beans…

Am loving the names of the tinned beans – and the earrings too! Jane

I think the beans a extremely clever with their home brand design.

Very cool, TSL – I also love the rope nests and there’s even a wooden piano accordion…something for everyone! 😉

The rope nests almost made it in, Sparks.

It’s official! I’m in love with those earrings!

I think Nina at Courtesy of the Artist COTA will ship all the way up to you, Lady Fi.

I love those maps ….such a good idea and have helped me find some real gems! Will definitely check out the website ….. And I am in love with those koalas!

I love the maps, too BCD. Such a great tool!

These are much better than the gifts I’ve been bookmarking!

Oh, I don’t know. I have a hankering for a Star Wars sun visor…

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