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Vogue Living, I think I love you…


The latest edition of Vogue Living (Australia) arrived on my doorstep last week.  Oh happy hour-on-the-couch!

Vogue Living (Australia)

Tidbits that jumped out at me…

Seletti Hybrid CollectionHybrid
Seletti Hybrid Collection

I know they are not new, but still… The clever and fun-loving team at Seletti with their Hybrid Collection.  Can you imagine a whole set of this?

Missoni Crochet Pouf
Missoni Crochet Pouf

The most funky limited edition Missoni Crochet Pouf.  If you are in Sydney, you can pick one up at Spence & Lyda (according to the team at Vogue Living).  It may be too late…

Lucas Grogan 2012
Lucas Grogan 2012

Lucas Grogan is a talented Melbourne based artist who uses needlepoint, installation, painting and drawing to explore themes of isolation, inclusion and cultural collisions, through an autobiographical lens (his words!).

Lucas Grogan 2011
Lucas Grogan 2011

He has also successfully collaborated with the likes of Third Drawer Down (a tea towel, which I would LOVE), Douglas & Hope Artist Plate (above image) and Rittenhouse fashion (among others).

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yes pls, sign me up for all of the above!


Dolly – if you are stuck for a slightly quirky gift for that friend who is impossible to buy for, Third Drawer Down do AMAZING limited edition tea towels. Trust me – worth a look.

love the lucas grogan pieces!

Me too. I’d like a Third Drawer Down Tea Towel of his work.

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