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Wendy Tsao & Her Unique Softies Rock!


Have you come across Wendy Tsao at Child’s Own Studio yet? If not, I encourage you to go and have a look at the most amazing work she does creating custom-made softies from a child’s own drawing. It is such a simple (and comforting) idea, yet she executes it so brilliantly – she truly celebrates children’s art and their imagination with a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind soft toy. I just love this idea.

Apparently, Wendy made her first toy based on a drawing by her (then) 4-year-old son Dani. Dani’s school had asked the children to bring a toy from home. The idea was to use it as an emergency measure if the child was upset. Since Wendy didn’t want to send Dani’s favorite toy with him to school, she decided to make him a new toy based on a drawing he had done of a snowman. From this, Child’s Own Studio was born.

Here are a few of her wonderful interpretations:

Image of doll drawn by Isla
Image drawn by Isla (age 4)
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image of Isla's doll by Child's OWn Studio
Isla’s Doll
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image of Mud the dinosaur drawn by Rowan
Image drawn by Rowan (age 10)
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image of Rowan's softie 'Mud' by Child's Own Studio
Rowan’s ‘Mud’
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image drawn by Chad (age unknown)
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Chad’s Softie
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image of Bunny drawn by Eileen
Image drawn by Eileen (age 8)
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image of Eileen's Pink Creature by Child's OWn Studio
Eileen’s Pink Creature
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image of Soren's Mum, drawn by Soren
Image drawn by Soren (age 7)
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page
Image of Soren's 'Mom' softie by Child's Own Studio
Soren’s ‘Mom’
Image sourced from Child’s Own Studio Flickr Page

Don’t you think this is just the most fabulous concept? I can’t imagine a child not cherishing one of these wonderful softies (although, according to Wendy, it has happened!)

Sadly – for us, anyway! – Wendy’s soft toys are proving so popular, she has even closed her wait-list and is not taking any new orders at this time. She does list other craft artists who may be able to provide a similar service on her website. If you would like to know more about Child’s Own Studio, check out her site at:

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Comments (28)

What a unique idea bringing kids drawings to life so to speak, I think they look great. 🙂

Me too, Mags. Such a simple-yet-awesome idea. 🙂

How cool! Such a great idea for an individual present. I can see why she has had to stop taking orders, I am sure she has been bombarded! I was almost tempted to drag out one of my kiddy pictures from the 70’s!

Yeah! Do it! I’d love to see what fabulous wee creature you would create… p l e a s e ?

It could open you up to my strange childhood imagination…. but I am never one to shirk a challenge!!!

MOST excellent news. I am looking forward to a post on your creation, BCD!!!

Yes, I think this a totally a fabulous idea!!! Love the ones you showed on the blog post – they’re just perfect!!

Aww – bless your cotton socks! It was hard to choose a favourite. I would have loved one of these as a child (I was deprived!!!)

oh my goodness! I love love this idea. It really warms my heart. Thanks for sharing Syders – you find the coolest stuff 🙂 I love Chad’s toy.

I just melted when i saw these. So glad you loved it, too Marina. 🙂

These are great – love Chad’s toy chillaxing on that chair & am sure Soren’s mom was delighted to be an alien with a laptop! 🙂

I had the same thought about Soren’s take on his Mum. Too cute, huh?

These are too adorable for words! What a great idea!!!!

You could make a ‘Synchronised Swimming Dimples Doll’…? How cool would THAT be? You could even put a zipper in the back to fit her swim bag!!! (Sometimes I even amaze myself!)

That is a cute idea! And practical!

These are so brilliant.

Aren’t they a lovely wee find, Maree? 🙂


What a lovely idea! Who would think to do this – very out of the box thinking but then again creatives do think out of the box. I love Eileens pink softie!

Gorgeous aren’t they, C? I reckon’ you’d be able to work your creative sewing magic for your girls, too 🙂

wow…what a fantastic idea

Isn’t it, Barbara? Just magical. 🙂

Precious!! Having had artwork presented to me by my own two children that looked like these drawings, how meaningful to have them turned into huggable artwork! Love it!

She’s onto a winner, that’s for sure, Kristin. Such a unique gift for a child, too. Something to always treasure.

If I ever reproduce I will order this. . . It is pretty much the funniest thing ever! I wan’t Rowan’s “Mud”

‘Mud’ IS gorgeous, DT. I agree.

These are the cutest! I can’t believe how she turned 2D to 3D. I would have loved to have my kiddie drawing turned into a dolly! Lovely!

Aren’t they lovely? They seem to have struck a chord with almost everyone, Barbra (or is this Jack???) 🙂

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