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What Would it Take For You to Stick to AIP?

What wouldit take for you to stick with AIP?

What would it take for you to stick to AIP? Would you do it if you could still have chocolate? How about if you could slip in a glass of wine on very special occasions? Or, perhaps a cup of coffee every now and then? Could you, would you, be able to stick with AIP, then?

The nature of the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol is restrictive. It’s all about removing potentially inflammatory foods, while at the same time adding LOTS of nutrient-dense ingredients into your diet to give yourself the very best opportunity to heal.

And, it’s not for the faint of heart. This AIP caper takes effort. It can seem a little daunting – even for the most seasoned AIPer…

“Here’s the thing – perfection is an unattainable state. The very nature of being human means that you are flawed and prone to slipping up. It’s not just you. I am, too. And, so is Sarah!” – yours truly

I share my thoughts on the futility of aiming for perfection in a guest post over on The Paleo Mom – I Would Stick With AIP if I Could Still Have My… I’d love you to check it out!

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And, a wee video I did about the gnarly topic of perfectionism…

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And, if you’re in need of a little support and encouragement on your AIP caper, why not come and join us on the next AIP Reset? We’d love to have you!

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I can manage the elimination phase and any other phase, as long as I have the time and energy to do it. So what would be really helpful for me is a personal chef – one who goes to the markets to buy the freshest, local produce then comes back and sorts it, then cooks up a storm, prepares all the main meals but also the little snacks that prevent breaking. For me it is always a battle between time for AIP or time for other things that I love (or just earning money by going to work), and unless my health gets really bad, usually the time goes for the other things that I love. Of course there are things l love, like really good icecream made with cream and eggs, and some really nice chocolate or a spicy Indian curry. But they aren’t the issue for me. Time is the issue for me. I’ve never had a personal chef, but I would answer your question with “I would stick with AIP if I could still have my time for other things”. If I were to win the lottery I would hire a personal chef to achieve this!

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