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What’s been cookin’ this week…


The teenager turned 16 this week.  When asked, his birthday meal of choice was lasagne with a side of baked broccoli followed by chocolate mousse.  Not what I would have chosen, but hey – not my birthday, either.

I have a very splendiforous lasagne recipe from my trusty, never-fail, go-to girl (woman), Delia Smith.  For the uninitiated, Delia is a goddess when it comes to recipes that ALWAYS WORK.  If you have a spare 5 hours, this is THE lasagne to make.  It is seriously good.  I did not have a spare 5 hours this week, so I picked up a ready-made lasagne from Pastabilities while at the markets on Saturday.  Not bad for a bought one.  <Insert slightly guilty ‘I didn’t make your birthday meal from scratch’  face here>. I did, however, manage to whip up some of Delia’s ‘a very chocolatey mousse’.  Yummo!

Delia Smith 'a very chocolatey mousse'
Delia Smith's 'a Very Chocolatey Mousse'

On a healthier note, one of my newest blog finds is My New Roots.  It’s gorgeous.  Sarah Britton, an holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef, is an inspiration with her mouth-watering recipes and beautiful photography.

Sarah Britton's best lentil salad, ever
Sarah Britton's 'Best Lentils Salad, Ever' from My New Roots

This week I made her self-proclaimed ‘Best Lentil Salad, Ever’.  It was seriously good.  I threw in rocket (arugula), goats cheese, a few walnuts and some left over broccoli.  She has me hooked and I’m definitely going to try more Sarah Britton recipes in the future.  If you are thinking of making the lentil salad, it is ENORMOUS.  I shall consider halving it next time I make it.

Off to the gym to work off some of that lasagne and chocolate mousse…

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I love your humor 🙂 the chocolate mousse is a definite on the “To Try List”!

Thanks PTHW. A bit of mutual blog-stalking going on! I was fascinated by your Super Bowl post – Madonna and MIA were in the headlines down here.

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