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Solutions for When Life is Less Than Peachy

When Life is Less than Peachy
(And, let's face it - when you have a chronic illness, life is OFTEN less than peachy!)
Solutions for when life is less than peachy

Suffering from a chronic illness sucks.

It truly, madly, deeply qualifies as making life less than peachy at times. And no matter how practiced you are at this AIP way of life – this healing caper isn’t linear. Life happens.

Some days (or weeks or months or even years) are peachy. others, not so much.

And when things are less than peachy, this autoimmune shizzle can be hugely isolating, can’t it?

Recently there was an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald about all about life’s ups and downs. It got me thinking. Because when you suffer from chronic illness, more often than not, you have extra helpings of the downs.

So today, I’m offering some of my solutions for when life is less than peachy…

Take things right back to basics and prioritise self-care

  • How about treating yourself as you would a dear friend who needed an extra dose of TLC? Sometimes this self-care thing can be a challenge. I’ve got 15 self-care suggestions for you if you’re struggling.
  • Now is the time for some nutrient-dense, nourishing and tummy-warming food. There’s a reason chicken soup is known as ‘Jewish Penicillan’.
    • Here is the one I turn to when I need some comfort.
  • Get some sleep. No, really – gest some sleep. If you’re struggling, ensuring you’re getting enough quality and quantity sleep is critical for you physical and mental health.
  • Takes some time to consider your wheel of health. Where are your weak spots at this time – focus your attention there.

Allow yourself time to (re)find your groove 

  • One of my Mum’s favourite sayings is, “Keep your pecker up.” But, whenever you’re having a tough time, you don’t have to keep your chin up. Rather, taking some time for space, grace and pace could be exactly what you’re after.

Practice some gratitude

  • Try writing down 3 good things you notice each day, however small. This is a proven feel-better tool.
  • Better yet, give my 3-minute morning ritual a go (You can do it from your bed).
  • What you practice grows stronger. Building a daily gratitude practice has been shown to improve both physical and psychological health, as well as sleep and self esteem.

Head outside

  • You don’t have to run around like super-woman. Just spend some time in the fresh air. The vitamin D will do you good
  • Try ditching the shoes and engaging in some grounding. According to Chris Kresser, “Researchers have observed improved sleep, decreased inflammation, pain alleviation, stress reduction, and even the normalization of the cortisol day-night profile after subjects were exposed to grounding treatment.”
  • Double down on the feel good factor by heading to the park or to the beach – green and blue zones are good for you.

Call on your support team

  • This is the time to call on that #bloodyfabulous community you have been fostering. Whether its a special mate who always lifts you up or the friend who makes the best soup – this is the time to put your hand up. Your community are there to help you feel less alone.
It is a given that there will be tough times when you suffer from chronic illness. But there are steps you can take to help yourself.
When Life is Less than Peachy
My favouritist peach quote ever from the divine Ms Dita
But what if you’re low on support when life is less than. peachy?
AIP Mentorship is THE PLACE for when life is less than peachy…

This is your place if you’re feeling lonely, overwhelmed, and ready to just quit this AIP caper to hibernate. This is your place to stay connected – on your terms with fellow AIPers from around the globe. Sometimes you just need to know you are not alone.

AIP Mentorship is your support team.

AIP Mentorship

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