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Who Needs ‘the Secret’ When You Can Write Your Wish?


Having a wee tootle through Saatchi Online* the other day and I came across Rainer Fest’s ‘Write the Wish’ work. I have to say, it kind of appeals. Using scrabble-like alphabet cut-outs (only prettier), you write a wish into the spaces provided by the stand-alone table. It is then available for the world to see, at least until you think of a better wish…

'Write the Wish' by Rainer Fest
‘Write the Wish’ by Rainer Fest
(Image sourced from Saatchi Online)
'Write the Wish' (Detail) by Rainer Fest
‘Write the Wish’ (Detail) by Rainer Fest
(Image sourced from Saatchi Online)

It seems to me this is a much better way of putting your wish out into the universe than using the techniques espoused in the global phenomenon that was ‘The Secret’. For a start, there really is only enough room for one wish to be presented at a time, so it does mean you can’t be too greedy. And, then there’s the fact that the Chasers probably won’t do a 7 minute sketch on you with your ‘Write a Wish’ like they did when ‘The Secret’ first came out… (I had forgotten quite how well the Chasers capture that ‘finger-nails down a blackboard’ feeling)

Rainer Fest is based in the North-East of Germany. You can access his website here. His Write the Wish work is available through Saatchi Online for US$6,200.

*In 2006 the Saatchi Gallery in London, known the world over for discovering emerging talent, launched Saatchi Online as a way to give artists not represented by galleries a platform to show their work to a global audience. This simple idea attracted such a large and dedicated community of artists that the site was re-launched in 2010 with functionality that enabled artists to sell their original work as well as make their work available for print sales.

(I am off taking a wee sojourn to sunny Queensland over the next few days which means my response times to your comments may be a little slower than usual. I do love hearing from you, so please don’t stop! – It may just take me a little longer to get back to you. Cheers!)

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I agree; that is a much better idea than “the secret”.

What a great idea, I love it, you could have a lot of fun with this. 🙂

Fantastic. Another item for the LM birthday list, maybe? I was peeking through my fingers when I scrolled to the price – maybe next year for me! 🙂

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