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Woop Studios and their Corker Collection of Collective Nouns


LM has a birthday coming up. It’s in July. I have to get organised because, as we’ve already established (here), it is almost impossible to find a suitable (read: meaningful, gasp-worthy-in-a-good-way, unexpected, tasteful and/or funky) gift for him. I am not exaggerating. He’s a guy – if he wants something, he gets it for himself. And, before you suggest I make something, my response to that is:

  1. have you seen my recent post on learning to crochet, and
  2. I have, on more than one occasion, made something (which could possibly fall under my ‘haberdashery‘ label).
Tepee Embroidery by This Sydney Life Based on NatalieDee Cartoon
Exhibit A: the teepee embroidery I made for LM (based on a Natalie Dee Cartoon)
(Image by TSL)
And yes – I did all that embroidery by hand and it took me a hell of a long time*.

Anyway, in my search for the right gift for LM’s birthday, I came across the awesome design team that is Woop Studios. Their website says they are the graphic designers of Harry Potter, so they must be cool! In addition to the Harry Potter connection, Miraphora Mina, Eduardo Lima, Harriet Logan, and Mark Faulkner have a love of words, specifically collective nouns and terms.

They have created gorgeous alphabets of limited edition prints to reflect their love of collective words. Even better, their website also offers the visitor the opportunity to learn about and have fun with the images and phrases. Each of the images is accompanied by fascinating facts about the animal depicted.

So, the one that caught my eye first was the ambush of tigers

Image of Woop Studio's 'Ambush of Tigers'
‘Ambush of Tigers’ by Woop Studios
(Image © Woop Studios)

Did you know that an adult male tiger eats 150kg of meat per month? – or, that the roar of a tiger can be heard more than a mile away? – or, that tigers don’t purr? – or, that tiger stripes are like fingerprints in that no two are alike? – or even, that a tiger’s saliva contains antiseptic?

I didn’t know any of that.

Here are some more of their seriously groovy images:

Image of Woop Studio's 'Bale of Turtles'
‘Bale of Turtles’ by Woop Studios
(Image © Woop Studios)
Image of Woop Studio's 'Mob of Kangaroos'
‘Mob of Kangaroos’ by Woop Studios
(Image © Woop Studios)
Image of Woop Studio's 'Gaze of Racoons'
‘Gaze of racoons’ by Woop Studios
(Image © Woop Studios)
Image of Woop Studio's 'Aurora of Polar Bears'
‘Aurora of Polar Bears’ by Woop Studios
(Image © Woop Studios)
Image of Woop Studio's 'Zeal of Zebras'
‘Zeal of Zebras’ by Woop Studios
(Image © Woop Studios)

If you want to go and check out the full collection, you can find it here. It is well worth a visit. I promise.

*So that you have some context for the embroidery, it should possibly be mentioned that LM doesn’t have a lot of hair on top. In the past, when I have suggested it may be time for a hair cut, he has been known to threaten to grow the sides so long that he will be able to form a tepee out of his hair. This would be an alternative to a comb-over, if you will. He then believes he could create little dioramas inside this ‘head tepee’ which could reflect different holidays or celebrations throughout the year. For example – Guy Fawkes, Hanukkah, Easter. This has turned into a bit of a running joke.

I think I may be in trouble for over sharing…

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Comments (37)

Love the teepee story, I am sure he will be totally fine with you telling the story!!!! He he;-) I promise I will not tell!
Love the alphabets too will definitely take a visit!

There are some beautiful prints, BCD. Do go have a squizz!

PS – thanks for not telling (although, it may be too late!)

I fear it is too late, but I told you he would be fine!!!

J is not in trouble for over sharing, I am quite proud that i have come up with an idea that beats the sad delusion of the comb over and provides endless opportunities to celebrate being male – excess testosterone and all that. I just don’t have the courage to follow through. As a by the by I had to convince ANF that it was a diorama and not a monorama, the erymology is interesting. The idea came from all the battle scene dioramas at the war museum in Canberra which I remembered from a childhood visit. Imagine an Anzac day teepee with mini explosions going off periodically, what fun that would be. But instead I stick to a buzz cut practical and boring and slightly apologetic. Oh for a powdered wig a la Louis xiv ….

It definately beats the comb over, especially those ones with the men’s hairspray cementing them. However I am not sure how it would hold up in a high wind. There is certainly nothing wrong with a buzz cut, and those Louis xiv wigs are a little overrated, the itch of the pigs hair!!! Be proud, as my hubby says “grass does not grow on a busy street!!” 😉

In context, the teepee story is hilarious! And I love your embroidery! Those prints are really cool! I’d love to have them in my classroom.

The prints would be great in a classroom, WIM2S. There are lots more on the wonderful website… A Troubling of Goldfish!

I’m sure LM would appreciate a teepee this chilly morning, maybe even a “topple” of teepees. (I think topple is an appropriate word for a group of teepees-by me)
Cheers Sue -from a brood of bloggers.

I LOVE your topple of teepees, Sue! I think we should introduce this concept to Woop Studios…

I think your embroidery looks great, not easy to do, and does take a lot of time. well done. 😀

Cheers Mags. It did take an awfully long time! 🙂

These are great! I can’t pick a favourite – but those raccoons are very cute. And I LOVE LM’s diorama idea. I made a great diorama in primary school about the Australian outback (or something) – if LM is willing to host guest star dioramas on his head from time to time, let me know! 😉

PS, ‘diorama’ is up there with ‘haberdashery’ for me – not used often enough!

Sparks – There’s even an Implausibility of Gnus! How great is that?

LM may be willing to host guest star dioramas (for the appropriate fee).

I think you could be living dangerously with too much information! I do like the notion of a topple of tee pees though!

I rather suspect you may be right.

Topple of teepees is great, isn’t it?

I like the “A Peccadillo of Kisses” too 🙂

I can’t actually decide which one is my favourite, Missy K 🙂

I was so pleased when I saw this post! Your embroidery class clearly went well! Haberdashery is a great name too : )

Anarty – there has never been an embroidery class. I just went with this and made it up as I went along. Lucky thing really, I would never have attempted it had I known how long it would take! Perhaps I am a natural? (ha!) 🙂

Sorry I was thinking of your Crochet class my mistake! You are a natural Im very impressed! sewing really does take a long time to learn and do, I almost never bother! Well done you : )

Loving the Tigers J!! Looking forward to getting caught up this week……I know how you feel about gifts for men…I mean it’s so hard!

Have you got your new computer yet, S? Hanging out to hear what excitement is coming up at IPOM!!! 🙂

I love your teepee gift; that is amazing and takes the cake in this post! Awesome! I remember doing some cross stitch at school and I still have the bird framed at home – mum and I were pretty proud of that patient accomplishment! Isn’t it serendipitous that I mentioned something about a gift in my reply to your comment re: the Gehry post??? I wonder if it is a consideration – it will be awesome weather then. PS What date is LM’s bday? Mine is 25 July.

Marina – I’ am sure that LM would love a trip to visit Gehry’s amazing Walt Disney Concert Hall and experience the Los Angeles Philharmonic. He is a serious music lover. Sadly, I’m not sure my birthday-budget stretches quite that far! You were prescient, though!

His birthday is on Independence Day, and he is really keen to celebrate a birthday in the States at some stage – all those fireworks just for his special day!

Maybe next year! 4 July would be a fun time. PS did you get in trouble for over sharing the funny teepee hair story?

Next year may just be a possibility, Marina. And, no I didn’t get into trouble. LM was actually travelling on business when I wrote this post, so he left quite a lengthy response in the comments field himself, which was a nice wee surprise. 🙂

Hi Jo – thanks for your kinds words about Woop – glad you love the prints. Woop Woop from all the Woopies xx

… Woop Woop back at you guys! I think your prints are fab’!

Love this post ….laughed so much i was crying..great way to start the day….couldn’t help but think of ‘ night at the museum’ and the cowboys fighting the romans…..LM clearly needs to put in his two cents worth more often…..what does that work out as an hourly rate? the embroidery is very cute too….it must be love !

Hi D – What a great comment. You’ve made my day. Thank you! 🙂 LM has his moments! I suspect he won’t give up his day job, though… 🙂

I know a great place that does pomdadour wigs…

Shhh – don’t tell LM, Jo!

Shopping for my husband is seriously the pitts! He’s the same…If he wants it he buys it.. Leaving me with no options.

Hey PTHW! How are you? Boys are almost always a challenge in the gift department, I reckon’! 🙂

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