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Here you’ll find everything about the STRESS MANAGEMENT segment of your Wheel of Health.  

But when it comes to your Wheel of Health, the idea of BUILDING RESILIENCE is also included in this section. This is the opposite side of the stress management coin. Because, As you build resilience your stress levels come down. 

I’m an advocate for building different forms of stress management that resonate for you into your life as an every day thing  This evolves over time for most of us. At the beginning it can be as simple as scheduling time in your diary as you would a session with your personal trainer or business appointment. 

In my experience as an AIP Mentor, this is an area that many find challenging which is why stress management gets its own segment! 


AIP Reset is your 30-day program focused on supporting those who are
already well versed in The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) lifestyle to get back into their ‘AIP groove’.


Turmeric Latte – My Adrenal Enhancing Coffee Alternative (AIP/Paleo)

First published back in mid-2016, this Turmeric Latte number is having a revival at my place as I try to calm a recent flare.

It will have you feeling like you’re indulging. Especially if you’re off coffee and keen to give your wee adrenals a break. And, it’s one of the consistently most popular recipes on my site!

The ginger is warming and the turmeric has oodles of anti-inflammatory benefits. Just perfect for when you need a little pause in your day…

Do You Need to Calm the Fajizzle Down?

I’ve got an exciting bit of news today!

This struggle to navigate our stuff is real. What exactly is this stress thing that everyone bangs on about and how do we combat it?

My Morning Stretching Ritual

We all know we should be exercising and moving our bodies for our health. No news there. But, this can be a bit tricky when you suffer from chronic illness.

My morning stretching ritual has quickly become an integral part of my morning ritual. It’s a great way to start the day with some dedicated self-care that counts towards my weekly exercise quota.

The Importance of a Morning Ritual

Do you have a morning ritual?

The most important thing about a morning ritual is that it isn’t about mindlessly just going about your routine of choice. Rather, it’s a way of building something good into your life. It’s a very deliberate and conscious process that helps to set your course for the day.

What to Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

It’s hugely counter-intuitive, I know, but the very first thing we can do when we’re feeling overwhelmed is STOP. And, by stop, I mean stop the feeling of your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
There are a number of ways you can achieve this.

Your AIP Mentor Dictionary

Hello Possum! With all the talk of ‘chickens’ and brain farts and shizzle shovelling – Do you sometimes wonder what I’m talking about? I have you covered!

I’ve put together the AIP Mentor dictionary! A sort of compendium of ‘Jo-isms for when you need a hands deciphering my turn of phrase. Do let me know what you think (or if I’ve forgotten anything!)

The Idea of Community and Why it Matters for Your Health

The people you surround yourself with play a bigger role in your life than you…

Stress Management Tools: Box Breathing

How’s your stress level? If I asked you to rate your stress on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you be, I wonder?

In this week’s post, I’m sharing a prospective technique to add to your health toolbox. And this one is my new favourite because it’s so easy – both to remember and to do. I do it while walking with Bella in the morning. And, walking to the bus. And, in the car…

It’s like a portable secret weapon!

Dealing with Overwhelm – Remember Space, Grace and Pace

What happens when you experience the inevitable overwhelm that hits (often when you least expect…

AIP – Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

That Japanese proverb – “Fall down seven times, get up eight” could have been written for those of us following an AIP framework. Because life has a habit of tripping us up; causing us to stray from our health goals. But, that just makes us human. Everybody trips up.

The important thing to consider is how often you get back up again…

My 4 Tips to Keep You Sane This Christmas

It’s a crazy time of year, isn’t it? So mad, even the MOST zen and mindful of us can get the speed wobbles. Today I’m sharing my top tips for staying sane this Christmas…

Stress Management: The Art of Creative Visualisation

You know me – always on the look out for a new way to mitigate stress… In creative visualisation, your brain is training for actual real-life experience. It can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality. Kind of a perfect reason to focus on positive, aspirational ‘stuff’, then…

Two Simple Tricks to Be Present (Without Resorting to Yoga)

I wrote the first version of this post on Two Simple Tricks to Be Present (Without…

Why Self Compassion is NOT Selfish

  Today, I’m talking about self-compassion. And, why learning to practice more self-compassion not a…

Stress Management: Go to the Beach and Get Your ‘Blue Space’ Fix

Did you know that a good hit of BLUE SPACE changes the way your brain reacts to its environment leaving you feeling happy, relaxed and reenergized? It’s true!

When was the last time you hit the beach?

Self Care: Be Your Own Valentine!

What would happen if you chose to be your own valentine? Forget about all the commercialism and expectation – instead, finding something to do FOR you.

For 364 days of the year, I have no issue that David is an anti-valentiner. It’s just one day that catches me out…

Stress Management: Single Tasking

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind…

Do You Make Time for Play?

Do you make time for play? Play is what we do when we engage in…

Stress Management Tools: Legs Up the Wall

“During the time of stress, the “fight-or-flight” response is on and the self-repair mechanism is…

What’s the Deal with Self-Care? 15 Ideas for YOUR Self Care Arsenal

“If some of us treated others as we treat ourselves, we would be jailed.” ―…

Embracing Meditation

  “The more you rationalise, the more you move farther away from your authentic self.”…

What Kind of Tree are You?

  “What an irony it is that these living beings whose shade we sit in,…

9 Reasons You Should Go for a Walk

Solviture ambulando (It is solved by walking) One of the best things about having my sister…

The First Step in Changing Your Behaviour

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The Autoimmune Protocol: Beyond Diet

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Stress Management: Get a Dog!

If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong…