Nutrient Density

How to eat 8+ serves of vegetables

15 Aug: How to Eat 8-Plus Serves of Vegetables (and Fruit) Every Day

Even if you’re not following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), this nutrition gig can get really confusing! The one thing everyone agrees on – regardless of their flavour of dietary preference – is that we should all be eating more vegetables. And it seems 8-plus serves is the magic number. Today, I’m sharing some ways you can ensure you’re getting your 8-plus serves each day…

Kitchen Habits

08 Aug: 7 Kitchen Habits that are a Regular Part of My Health Caper (AIP/Paleo)

This health caper requires an investment of time. It’s one of the reasons I’m such an advocate for developing¬† systems and routines that you do every week (or so); so that you almost automate as much as you can.

I have some regular kitchen habits that really help me to stay on track. So much so that I almost do them without actively thinking about it anymore.

These are some of my most frequent ones…

The Soup Equation

01 Aug: Introducing the JFC SOUP EQUATION!

Helping you to implement sustainable changes to improve your health is my ‘thing’. One of the ways to best achieve this is to provide ideas for rituals and routines that support your efforts. Today I bring you my JFC Soup Equation. It’s a fool-proof formula for whipping up a tasty, seasonal, AIP-friendly and nutrient dense vegetable soup in no time at all. This equation serves 4, but you can easily double it for batch cooking purposes and it freezes beautifully. I’ve been working on this little number for a while and I am a teeny bit proud of it. I use this not-so-secret equation once a week.